Political Economy

Political Economy is a field of true intellectual excitement at OSU. It explores two overlapping areas of inquiry: the interactions between the polity and the economy, and the use of the tools of neo-classical economics to explain how political and economic institutions produce social outcomes by constraining, reflecting, and shaping the behavior of self-interested individuals.

Faculty: Sarah Brooks, Marcus Kurtz, William Minozzi, Jan Pierskalla, Philipp Rehm, Amanda Robinson, Alexander Thompson, Daniel Verdier, Sara Watson, and Jack Wright.

Political Economy Courses:
The Field of Political Economy
Positive Political Economy/Mathematical Theories of Politics
Modern World Economy
Politics of the Developing World
Theories of International Political Economy
Comparative Political Economy
Political Applications of Game Theory
Research in Mathematical Political Science

There are also excellent political economy courses offered in the Departments of Economics and Agricultural Economics.

The Mershon Center has an active program in Political Economy including a regular series that brings in 8-10 outside speakers per year and sponsors a variety of political economy conferences.

The research workshop associated with the field of Political Economy is the Globalization Workshop.