The OSU Department of Political Science has an excellent placement record. Our graduates have been very successful in securing positions at major research universities and liberal arts colleges, while others have pursued non-academic careers in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Rather than providing a sample of notable placement success, we provide below a comprehensive list of our placements. This includes all the data we have regarding where all of our Ph.D.'s since 2004 were placed or are currently employed.

Our department has placed a steady stream of Ph.D.s in top positions over the past two decades. In fact, a recent study showed that Ohio State Ph.D.'s in tenured and tenure-track positions elsewhere outnumber current OSU faculty by more than two to one- something that is true of fewer than twenty universities nationwide. Below, we provide more comprehensive information on initial and current placements of our recent Ph.D.s.

Department of Political Science Placement, 2004 - 2022

2022 Ph.D.'s

John Harden,IR, Ripon College

2021 Ph.D.'s

Jon Kingzette, Data Analyst

2020 Ph.D.'s

Miguel Garza Casado, CP, Senior Data Analyst
Jonathan Green, AP/Methods, Postdoctoral fellowship at Northeastern University
Jianzi He, CP, Professor at Fudan University
Daniel Kent, IR, Data Scientist
Mini Saraswati, CP, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation
Gregory Smith, IR, Postdoc Associate, Duke University (2020-2021); Postdoc Fellow, Dartmouth's Dickey Center for International Understanding; Fall 2022, Assistant Professor of Political Science for the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University
Iku Yoshimoto, IR, Lecturer at University of Tokyo
Brandon Zaffini, IR, Professor at Geneva College

2019 Ph.D.'s

Benjamin Campbell, IR, Data Scientist
Caitlin Clary, IR, Consultant
Jose Fortou Reyes, CP, EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia
Austin Knuppe, IR, Postdoctoral fellowship, Dartmouth; Utah State University
Reed Kurtz, IR, Otterbein University; Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science at Purdue University 
Adam Lauretig, IR, Data Scientist
Will Massengill, AP, Associate Data Scientist
Anna Meyerrose, CP, Postdoctoral fellowship at the Princeton University Niehous Center for Globalization and Governance (2021-2022); Fall 2022, Assistant Professor for School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University 
Drew Rosenberg, IR, University of Florida
Avery White, IR, Program Assistant, Ohio State University

2018 Ph.D.'s

Aisha Bradshaw, IR, Associate Editor, Nature Human Behaviour
Alex Castillo, CP, Research Associate
Kyle Larson, IR, Capital University
Nicky Mack, AP, Ohio Wesleyan University
John Raines, IR, Head of Political Risk
Peter Tunkis, CP, Senior Customer Advocacy Insights Specialist
Wei-Ting Yen, CP, Post-Doc, Denison University; Franklin and Marshall College, 2019

2017 Ph.D.'s

Alison Craig, AP,  University of Texas at Austin
Raphael Cunha, CP, Post-Doc, Princeton University 2017; Florida State University 2018
Margaret Hanson, CP, Post-Doc, University of Michigan, 2017; Arizona State University, 2018
Gabriella Lloyd, CP, Post-Doc, Binghamton University; University of Maryland, 2018; Operations Research Analyst and Data Scientist for The Department of the Navy
Jakob Miller, AP, Taylor University
Lauren Ratliff Santoro, AP, University of Texas at Dallas
Daniel Silverman, IR, Post Doc, Carnegie Mellon University; Carnegie Mellon University

2016 Ph.D.'s

Paul DeBell, CP, Fort Lewis College
Marina Duque, IR, Post-Doc, Harvard University 2016; Post-Doc, Princeton University 2017; Florida State University, 2018
Lauren Elliott-Dorans, AP, Ohio University
Sebastian Mainville, IR, Visiting Researcher, Center for International Peace and Security Studies, McGill University
Vittorio Merola, CP, Post-Doc, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, Toulouse School of Economics; Stony Brooks University, 2017

2015 Ph.D.'s

Dustin Carnahan, AP, Michigan State University
Eun Bin Chung, IR, University of Utah
Jessica Defenderfer, AP, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Agnar Helgason, CP, Social Research Center, University of Iceland
Yalidy Matos, AP, Post-Doc Brown University; Rutgers University, 2017
Katy Powers, IR, Post-Doc Dartmouth University; University of Georgia, 2016

2014 Ph.D.'s

Sarah Bryner AP, Director, Research Department at the Center for Responsive Politics
Nyron Crawford AP, Temple University
Matt Hitt AP, Louisiana State University
Jason Keiber, IR, Otterbein College
Chryl Laird, AP, Saint Louis University
Thiago Marzagão, CP, Brazilian antitrust agency (CADE - Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica)
Eleonora Mattiaci IR, Post-Doc Amherst College
John Oates IR, Florida International University

2013 Ph.D.'s

Austin Carson IR, Post-Doc, Princeton University; University of Chicago
Djayadi Hanan IR, University of Paramadina, Jakarta
Benjamin Jones IR, University of Mississippi
Joshua Kertzer IR, Post-Doc, Dartmouth College, 2013; Assistant Professor, Harvard University, 2014
Shivaji Kumar IR, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Daniel Lempert AP, SUNY-Potsdam
Emily Lynch AP, APSA Congressional Fellow, 2013-2014
Fernando Nuñez-Mietz IR, McGill University
David Traven IR, Kenyon College

2012 Ph.D.'s

Bentley Allan IR, Johns Hopkins University
Zoltan Buzas IR, Drexel University;  Associate Professor of Global Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame
J. Bryan Cole AP, University of Houston
Seth Goldstein IR, Booz Allen Hamilton
Dane Imerman IR, Oberlin College
Chris Kypriotis AP, Warren Wilson College
Xiaoyu Pu IR, Post-Doc, Princeton University; University of Nevada, Reno
Jiwon Suh CP, Sogang University, Institute for East Asian Studies
Nina Kollars IR, College of St. Benedict; US Naval War College (Associate Professor)

2011 Ph.D.'s

Quintin Beazer CP, Post-Doc, Yale University; Florida State University
A. Burcu Bayram IR, McMaster University, Canada; UT Arlington
Vanessa Bouche AP, Texas Christian University
Sarah Bryner AP, Center for Responsive Politics
Jeffrey Budziak AP, Western Kentucky University
Soundarya Chidambaram CP, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville (visiting)
Christopher Devine AP, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Erin Graham IR, Post-Doc, Princeton University; Drexel University; Associate Professor of Global Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, University ofNotre Dame 
Erik Heidemann AP, Kent State University
Marcus Holmes IR, Fordham University
Todd Makse AP, Susquehanna University
Steven Nawara AP, Valdosta State University
Scott Powell CP, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Yoonah Oh CP, Korea Institute for Economic Policy, Seoul, South Korea
Allyson Shortle AP, University of Oklahoma – Norman
Kathleen Winters AP, Old Dominion University
Dana Wittmer AP, Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO)

2010 Ph.D.'s

Daniel Blake IR, Post-Doc, Princeton; IE Business School
Dino Christenson AP, Boston University
Delton Daigle AP, George Mason University
Eric Grynaviski IR, George Washington University
TongFi Kim IR, Purdue University (visiting); Griffith University
Kyle Kopko AP, Elizabethtown College
Justin Lance CP, Presbyterian College
Danielle Langfield CP, College of Wooster (visiting)
Todd Makse AP, Radford University (visiting)
Sarah Sokhey CP, University of Colorado-Boulder
Byungwon Woo IR, Oakland University
Christina Xydias CP, Union College (visiting)
Kadir Yildirim CP, Post-Doc, Princeton

2009 Ph.D.'s

Richard Arnold CP, Muskingum College
Lakeyta Bonnette AP, Georgia State University
Tom Dolan IR, Rochester; University of Central Florida
Delia Dumitrescu CP, Post-Doc, University of Montreal
Nanaho Hanada CP, St. Olaf College (visiting)
Erin McAdams AP, College of Charleston
Zachary Mears IR, Analyst, Private Sector
Banks Miller AP, University of Texas-Dallas
Dag Mossige CP, Davidson College (visiting)
Autumn Payton IR, Post-Doc, European University Inst.
Tina Pierce AP, Denison University (visiting)
Amanda Rosen IR, Webster University
Michael Reese IR, University of Chicago/CIR (visiting)
Yusuf Safarti CP, Illinois State University
Anand Sokhey AP, University of Colorado-Boulder
Konstantin Vossing CP, Humboldt University (Berlin)

2008 Ph.D.'s

Kuskridho Ambardi CP, Gadjah Mada University
Samuel DeCanio AP, Yale University
Ryan Kennedy CP, University of Houston
Katja Michalak CP AP, University of Bulgaria
Christopher Moore IR, Bethel University
Bradley Nelson IR, Analyst, Private Sector
Eric Russell AP, Auburn University
Anna Shadley CP, The Ohio State University (Administration)
Corwin Smidt AP, Michigan State University
Yohanes Sulaiman IR, Analyst, Ctr for Dem., Int. Peace and Sec. Stud. (Jakarta)
Srdjan Vcetic IR, Post-Doc, Cambridge; Univ of Ottawa
Sean Williams AP, Analyst, Private Sector
Unislawa Wszolek IR, Spelman College

2007 Ph.D.'s

Dinissa Duvanova CP, SUNY Buffalo
Roman Ivanchenko AP, Analyst, Joint Welfare Analysis Center
Natalie Kistner CP, James Madison University
Nathan Toronto IR, Analyst, Foreign Military Studies Office, Ft. Leavenworth
Linda Trautman AP, Ohio University, Lancaster
Dinna Wisnu CP, USAID, World Learning Respect Program, Deputy Director

2006 Ph.D.'s

Brandon Bartels AP, Stony Brook University; George Washington University
Ray Block AP, Florida St. University; Wisconsin -- LaCrosse
Jong Kun Choi IR, Post-doc, Yonsei University, South Korea
Bridget Coggins IR, Dartmouth College
Paul Fritz IR, Hofstra University
Yoav Gortzak IR, Arizona State University
Amu Oakes IR, College of William and Mary
Brent Strathman IR, Dartmouth (visiting)

2005 Ph.D.'s

William Anderson AP, University of South Dakota
Brett Curry AP, Georgia Southern University
Gregory Gwiasda AP, Analyst, Private Sector
Andrew Holbrook AP, University of New Orleans
Hiram Irizarry-Osorio CP, Analyst, Kirwan Institute, OSU
Robert Kelly CP, University of the Pacific
Jeffrey Martinson IR, Meredith College
Scott Orr CP, Texas Lutheran University
Justin Taylor AP, Analyst, Private Sector

2004 Ph.D.'s

Eileen Braman AP, University of Indiana
Andrew Farrell AP, University of Oklahoma (visiting)
Yoram Haftel IR, University of Illinois - Chicago
Blair King AP, Analyst, National Democratic Inst for Int. Affairs
Gregory Miller IR, College of William & Mary; University of Oklahoma
J. Quin Monson AP, Brigham Young University
Kenneth Mulligan AP, Southern Illinois, Carbondale
Jason Mycoff AP, University of Delaware
Mary Outwater AP, Director, Oklahoma University Poll
Julie Anne S. Peterson AP, Analyst, Private Sector
Kevin Sweeney IR, Analyst, Department of Defense
Wendy Watson AP, University of North Texas; Southern Methodist University
Margaret Williams AP, James Madison University; Goucher College

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