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Research Workshops

American Politics Seminar

This workshop serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of research by graduate students and faculty in American Politics. For graduate students, the Workshop is an opportunity to hear and present practice job talks, dissertation chapters, and conference papers. Occasional workshop sessions will feature research presentations by faculty from Ohio State and major scholars from other universities.

Comparative Politics Research Workshop (CPW)

This workshop serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of research related to comparative politics. Past seminars have examined political identity, presidential power, voting rules, consolidation of party systems, economic sanctions, language politics, and ethnic mobilization. All methodologies, including case studies, statistics, formal theory, and interpretivist approaches are welcome. We encourage papers with a specific geographic focus, as well as broad cross-regional analyses. The mission of the workshop is to foster a vibrant intellectual exchange among comparativists, to bring students and faculty into contact with nationally recognized figures in the field of comparative politics, and to create a comfortable, professional environment for the development of faculty and graduate student research at all levels.

Political Psychology Workshop

Political Theory Workshop

The OSU Political Theory Workshop is a forum for theorists from Ohio State and other universities to present and to discuss their research in progress. We meet three or four times per quarter, autumn through spring, usually at noon time on Fridays. The Political Theory Workshop is pluralist in its approach and interdisciplinary in its orientation. We are open to a wide range of contributions, including historical, analytic, interpretive, and critical theory, as well as theoretically engaged empirical research. We welcome interested faculty and graduate students from all fields and all departments.

Research in International Politics (RIP)

The RIP workshop serves as a venue for the presentation and discussion of international relations (IR) research primarily (though not exclusively) by graduate students and faculty of the Department of Political Science. Every week, speakers present on a topic and engage in a spirited dialogue with the participating audience. The program is meant to stimulate novel research in IR as well as provide students with a friendly yet professional environment where they can discuss their work at any stage of research and practice job talks. All topics, ontologies and methodologies are welcome.

PRISM Speaker Series

The PRISM Speaker Series provides a unique forum to present cutting-edge methodological work.