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Being a student at Ohio State provides numerous opportunities for engagement and learning, both in the classroom and in the wider campus and Columbus areas. Beyond the classroom, you can find your niche in one of the more than 1,000 student organizations, take part in service learning and volunteer opportunities or complete an internship at the State capitol or in your other areas of interest. Many political science students are active in clubs on campus, including those listed below. For a full list of student organizations, visit the Ohio Union's student organization directory. Interested students can also learn about student organizations and talk to club representatives at the annual Student Involvement Fair, held at the beginning of every autumn semester on the Oval. 

Collegiate Council on World Affairs

Collegiate Council on World Affairs Weekly Meetings 2022-2023

General Body Meetings: Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm, in Hagerty Hall Room 180

United Nations Association Meetings: Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00pm in Derby Hall Room 080

Model United Nations Trainings: Mondays from 5:00-6:00pm in Derby Hall Room 080

Alger International Affairs Magazine Meetings: Biweekly, on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00pm in Derby Hall Room 1080

The Collegiate Council on World Affairs (CCWA) is a student organization that focuses on developing a clear

CCWA group shot of 8 members outside in formal wear

understanding of international politics and diplomacy among its members. CCWA participates in a variety of activities, most notably Model United Nations. Each year CCWA also hosts three conferences, representing various United Nations and Regional Bodies for college students, and one for high school students. CCWA travels to conferences around the country to compete in Model United Nations on a national stage and participates in a host of other world affairs activities with the Department of Political Science and other Columbus and University organizations to create a vibrant realm for world affairs and international students. 

CCWA also publishes a student-run opinion magazine, Alger Magazine, and advocates for global humanitarian causes through the campus chapter of the United Nations Association. 

High School Model United Nations Conference

Model UN team posing behind a wooden table with red and white shirts on

One of the central components of CCWA's programming is Model United Nations, which serves as a forum for high-level debate on world issues and policy. In addition to hosting several intramural and intercollegiate Model United Nations Conferences throughout the year, CCWA also facilitates one of the newest conferences on the high school circuit, with aspirations to make it one of the best in the Midwest and the nation. The Ohio State University Model United Nations or OSUMUN (pronounced Ah-soo-muhn) strives to provide the ultimate Model United Nations experience to high school students. With innovative use of technology in the Ohio Union, creative committees and a large and excited staff, CCWA hosted the inaugural conference in 2012. For more information on this year's conference, visit the OSUMUN website.

The Alexander Hamilton Society

Alexander Hamilton Society Graphic

The Ohio State chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society is dedicated to promoting constructive debate on contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security on the OSU campus by organizing debates among practitioners and academics on these topics. To connect with AHS and view upcoming events, visit their Facebook page

Mock Trial

The Ohio State Mock Trial Team is an academic team that participates in competitions replicating a trial setting.

Mock Trial team picture outside with 10 people posing toward camera and holding trophy

Through this valuable courtroom experience, participants are able to grow both their critical thinking and public speaking skills. The team competes at Mock Trial tournaments around the country and has competed in the American Mock Trial Association National Championship the past two years. At the 2015 National Championship, the team placed 13th in the country and earned an honorable mention. Check out their website for more information regarding their schedule this year, who the current "mockers" are and how you can join this highly competitive program!


Journal of Politics and International Affairs

The Journal of Politics and International Affairs (JPIA) is a student-run journal published biannually through the Department of Political Science. The Journal is comprised of undergraduate papers on various subject in political science, solicited from colleges and universities around the country. For more information, visit the JPIA website.

Past Editions

Image of JPIA covers


College Democrats

Image for OSU College Democrats

The College Democrats at The Ohio State University are dedicated to promoting the ideals of the Democratic Party and to providing students with opportunities to be involved in the political process through informing them, progressing their political socialization, and empowering them. They keep those students connected after graduation by facilitating personal and professional relationships with Democratic individuals and organizations. The College Democrats at The Ohio State University strive to provide a forum for developing student interest in governmental affairs and the electoral process at the local, state and national levels.

College Republicans

Image for OSU College Republicans

The College Republicans at the Ohio State University join together to help elect Republican candidates, support the Republican agenda, and become the future leaders of the conservative movement. Our efforts—whether distributing campaign literature, campaigning in neighborhoods, placing lawn signs, or calling voters—make the difference in Republican victories and drive our party forward. We represent the elected officials and candidates for general election endorsed by the Franklin County Republican Party, Ohio Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee. As the voice of young conservatives, we serve as a constant Republican presence on campus and provide all students equal access to the opportunities that can be afforded by the chapter.

The Casual International and Domestic Debate Club

Logo of Casual Debate Club

The Casual International and Domestic Debate Club is a debate club that has a variety of debate styles and debate topics that range from international, domestic, political, social, environmental, philosophic, bio-ethical and more. They were founded in 2014 at The Ohio State University's main campus. The Casual Debate Club has a variety of open-style debates, and they are the only debate club that goes beyond the typical two static speakers and lets all members be involved in debates. This is to avoid the problems of speakers talking past each other in pre-prepared formalized debates. Their debates and debate styles are voted on during each club session so feel free to be creative and suggest something new! At the end of the club session they end with something called a thought talk which is a debate where the club is grouped in a circle and different people share their opinion on different topics, that may not have two sides, through a raise of hands. It goes like a conversation, and that way we, as an audience and as participants, can learn about the opinions of all our peers. For more information contact them at casualdebateclub@gmail.com or on their Facebook page.

The Big Data and Analytics Association

BDAA logo

The Big Data and Analytics Association is the only undergraduate student organization at Ohio State of its kind. They aim to inspire students to think analytically, empower them through hands on training and connect them to potential employers. They strive to become the central communication point for Data Analytics for faculty, students across disciplines and professionals across different industries. Their meetings, workshops, case competitions, and career fairs are open to anyone and a list can be found on their website: BDAAatohiostate.org. Become an active member by attending at least three meetings each semester and join their mailing list by sending an email to ohiostatebdaa@gmail.com.