Socio-Political Analysis and AI (SPAI): Good-to-Great Grant Program Investment for the Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was one of only nine programs across the entire Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center awarded a large, multi-year investment to help push a program already regularly ranked approximately 15th in the nation, with many subfields consistently in the Top 10, into the next tier. The grant will support faculty hiring, post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students all linked together around a shared theme: the scientific uses, regulatory challenges, and ethical implications of artificial intelligence technologies. This five-year, $2 million dollar investment is matched with college and departmental support, and will help put OSU on the map as one of the premier institutions world wide for research and training in the applications and implications of AI-assisted data analysis for the study of politics and governance. 

The funding for this investment begins in FY23-24, and runs for five years, with ongoing support from the College of Arts and Sciences expected thereafter. Information on the investment, and opportunities related to it, can be found below.       


Information on Good-to-Great Investment

  • Good to Great Proposal
  • Original Budget Proposal
  • Funding Resources Available
  • Departmental Plan for GTG Investment
  • SPAI/GTG Oversight Committee

How to Apply?

  • Course development teaching release (faculty)
  • Grant development support (faculty)
  • Post-Doctoral Candidate application (external)
  • Application for GRA position (current graduate students)