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2023-2024 Political Science Undergraduate Ambassadors

Nandita Gaddam

Nandita headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Public Policy
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH

On campus, I am a Student Ambassador for the Political Science Department, a Project Coordinator for the Association for India's Development, a member of the Undergraduate Student Government's Justice and Equity Committee and the Ohio Government Internship Program, as well as a Peer Notetaker and Internship Mentor! Off-campus, I enjoy working as a lifeguard, aquatics instructor, and childcare coordinator at Mount Carmel Hospital and Fitness Center.

At Ohio State, I have worked as a Constituent Aide for The Ohio House of Representatives and as a Research Intern for the Supreme Court of Ohio. I plan to continue researching with Ohio Supreme Court Justices this summer, begin working with OSU Votes and Student Leadership Advocates, and intern at Capitol Hill as a member of the Washington Academic Internship Program (WAIP).

After graduation, I plan to attend law school to study criminal law. I aspire to be a prosecuting attorney and work on prison reform, civil rights, and immigration policy. Generally, I then plan to become a Supreme Court Justice and work in the legal field in various other roles.

Coming to Ohio State has allowed me to find opportunities I didn't know existed, and I am so grateful for the faculty and resources Ohio State offers! Go Bucks!


Layla Mobin-Udin


Major: Political Science
Minor: Spanish
Graduation Year: 2026
Hometown: Cranbury, NJ

I am involved in OSU College Democrats and Phi Alpha Delta (pre law frat). I am also a Senate Page and a Student Ambassador for the Poli Sci Dept.

I hope to have a career in public service.

My favorite thing about OSU is that there's so many people and so many clubs/orgs. There's something for everyone here and I love hearing everyone's unique stories. The school spirit and buckeye unity that exists is definitely what makes this school unique to me. I also grew up on a sheep farm and love farm animals!


Naina Sarup 

Naina Sarup

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2026
Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

I am involved with SCNO, a consulting club that helps non-profits all across America. I am also involved with USG. Lastly, I am involved with a fusion dance team, Buckeye Fusion, that competes all across America in a desi dance circuit.

I hope to attend law school.

Current Students

Our students are actively involved in a wide variety of activities on campus, in Columbus, and around the globe. Meet a few of our current students and see how opportunities in the Department of Political Science have shaped their time at Ohio State!


Analee Headshot

Major: Political Science 
Minor: Public Policy 
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: North Pole, Alaska

I’m currently interning at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and was accepted into the page program at the Ohio Senate.

Law school isn’t entirely off the table for me, but I’ll more likely be pursuing a graduate program in Public Administration.

Transferring to OSU was one of my best decisions. Campus always has activities for students to get involved and professors have passion for their fields and are interested in seeing their students be successful. There are also tons of student resources here and opportunities to network.

Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson Profile

Major: Political Science 
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

I am involved inPhi Alpha Delta OSU Chapter - Pre-Law Fraternity, Students for a Democratic Society, and Hardcover Hotties Book club. I interned with Resident Resources Network in Columbus as a Marketing intern. I am currently applying for the Professional Writing Minor capstone Internship for the fall.

I plan on going to law school to become a civil rights attorney and hopefully work for the ACLU one day.I love the friendships and community I have formed here at OSU through clubs, classmates, and professors.

Nathan Baldwin

Nathan Baldwin Headshot

Major: Business- Real Estate
Minor: Political Science
Graduation Year: May 2023
Hometown: Westerville, Ohio

I am involved with Phi Alpha Delta, the co-ed pre-law fraternity. I am also the vice president of OIP-u OSU, the Ohio State advocacy chapter for the Ohio Innocence Project which discusses issues related to criminal justice and wrongful convictions. 

As a student I have had numerous internships. In 2020 I worked with a congressional campaign in the run up to the primary election. In 2021 I was due to work as an intern with a congressman but ended up Interning at a medical malpractice litigation firm.

After I graduate I hope to attend law school to enter into corporate litigation. Once I have a few years under my belt I hope to branch into politics starting as a state level representative to be able to give back to the people and make meaningful change.

Coming to Ohio State has been the best choice in my life. I had never planned to study let alone pursue politics but Ohio State gave me an environment where I could learn about new opportunities and prepared me to follow where they lead.

Grace Beedles

Grace Beedles headshot

Majors: Political Science and Strategic Communication
Graduation Year: May 2023
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

I am involved in BuckeyeThon, Council on Minority Political Affairs, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, University Ambassadors, Undergraduate Research, Law and Society Scholars, and the Morrill Scholars Program.

Currently, I'm an intern for Justice Brunner's Chief Justice campaign and work as an undergraduate assistant for the Department of Political Science Political Theory workshop. This past fall, I was a social media intern for the Nidhi Satiani Board of Education Campaign. Last summer, I did the Washington Academic Internship program (WAIP) where I interned at Finsbury Glover Hering. I also interned as a field organizer trainee for the Rita Hart for Congress Campaign during the 2020 election.

I plan on attending law school after graduation and I'm not sure what type of lawyer I would like to be yet.

Andres Berrios

Andres Berrios headshot

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: May 2024
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

I am a Morrill Scholar, and a Law and Society Scholar. I am working at the university as an innovation analyst, where I develop innovating ideas for companies working with the Fisher College of Business. I also work as a student engagement specialist where I cultivate relationships with donors, alumni, friends and family of the university, with the goal of them becoming donors or continuing to give to Ohio State.

I plan on attending law school after graduation, or work in the field of government.

I am incredibly grateful for the resources and faculty I have met in my time at Ohio State. The opportunities that I have had the privilege of taking part on have helped me become the student I am today. Proud to be a buckeye!

Isabel Biasella

Isabel Biasella Headshot

Major: World Politics
Minor: Civic Engagement
Graduation Year: May 2024
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

I am the secretary of the All Girl Cheerleading team, a member of the Executive Student Leader Council, a member of Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) pre-law fraternity, a member of The American Enterprise Institute OSU Chapter, a member of the Italian Club, a member of the Deaf-Hearing Club, and a member of STEP (Second Year Transformational Experience Program). 

Currently, I am the student assistant for Dr. Shivers, the Senior VP of student life. I plan on applying for an internship at the Statehouse next semester! Also, I plan on studying abroad in Rome, Italy for 6 weeks in May of 2023.

After graduation I plan on attending law school. In the future, I would love to work in government, specifically international affairs.

Hannah Blanchard

Hannah Blanchard headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Graduation Year: May 2023
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

I work part time at a restaurant in the short north while taking a full course load here at OSU. I am currently applying for internships at multiple places for the summer and fall.

Ava Burnham 

Ava Burnham profile

Major: Political Science (Pre-Law)
Graduation Year: May 2025
Hometown: Powell, Ohio

I am involved in Swahili Club and scuba-diving. I am looking forward to finding jobs and internships while at Ohio State. I hope to work as a lawyer for the Innocence Project. I love it here at OSU!

Leonte Cooper

Leonte Cooper Headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: History
Graduation Year: May 2023
Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Hi! My name is Leonte Cooper. I’m a political science major at the Ohio State University with a specialization in state and the economy. Here at OSU, I serve on Student Government and the Arts and Sciences Senate as a voting member.

I intend to go to law school after graduating to obtain a dual degree (MBA and JD). My dream is to be a partner at a corporate law firm in Washington D.C. I will graduate with a BA in 2023. Go Bucks!

Gia Ditullio

Gia Ditullio headshot

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: May 2024
Hometown: Youngstown, OH

I am involved in Big Buckeye, Little Buckeye, Buck-I-Serve. I am an assistant coach of a travel volleyball team. 

I work at Starbucks and as a student assistant in the resource room in the Keith B. Key Center for Student Leadership at the Ohio Union. Additionally, I am doing my own research on mobility in different countries and hope to continue working on that.

I hope to attend law school and become a licensed attorney, with the hope of having my own law firm one day. 

Being a buckeye is like no other and I am very blessed to be part of this community.

McKenna Dunn

McKenna Dunn headshot

Major: English, also on the Pre-Law Track
Minor: Political Science and Legal Foundations
Graduation Year: May 2024
Hometown: Westerville, OH

I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. I am also a Volleyball Coach.

I am an administrative assistant for Moritz College of Law. I am planning on getting a pre-law internship this summer! I want to go to law school and become a lawyer!

Make the most of every opportunity, as you never know where it can take you!

Olivia Edwards

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Ironton, Ohio

I am in the collegiate band! I had an internship this semester with Aftab Pureval, who just won mayor of Cincinnati. I also work at Starbucks and have worked there for two years. I really want to go in policymaking one day. OH-

Joseph Fisher

Joseph Fisher headshot

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

I am involved in the Foreign Policy group Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS), where I help make the AHS - IR (International Relations) Simulation. 

I am currently working as an Intern for Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Thomas West of District 49. As well I am applying to become a Page at the State House plus I am planning on becoming involved in upcoming political campaigns in the the near future.

I plan on either staying at Ohio State to obtain my Masters while being a graduate student teacher, or I plan on working in Washington DC within a governmental agency.

Cayle Greer

Cayden Greer Headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Hospitality Management
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Marion, Ohio

I am involved in the Ohio Republican Party and I have managed a political campaign in 2020.

I currently work at Moo Moo Express Car Wash and plan to also work at Tartan Fields Golf Club this summer.

My ultimate goal is to become President Of The United States. Though, working in government somewhere would be fine with me! I see myself owning a small business and or being a politician.

Hayley Griggs

Hayley Griggs headshot

Majors: Political Science
Minor: City and Regional Planning
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

I am currently the President of College Democrats at OSU & the Communications Director for College Democrats of Ohio. I am also a member of Chi Omega sorority.

While at Ohio State, I've worked on several local campaigns, like Rep. Mary Lightbody for Ohio House. Through the Political Science Department, I found my past job clerking at the Franklin County Board of Elections and my current job as a Senate Page at the Ohio Statehouse. Over the summer, I hope to intern for MORPC and/or the Ohio Democrats.

After graduation, I plan to apply for the Legislative Service Commission to continue my work at the Ohio Statehouse. I hope to attend law school or graduate school. One day, I hope to run for office to advocate for the people in the great state of Ohio.

The Political Science Department at Ohio State has helped me obtain leadership opportunities, employment, and experiences I will forever be grateful for. My Political Science professors have been the best throughout my undergraduate career.

Riley Hoover

Riley Hoover Headshot

Majors: Political Science and German
Minor: Economics
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

I am treasurer of the OSU Casual International and Domestic Debate Club, captain of the Buckeye Club Tennis Team, a member of Adopt-A-School, where I volunteer at a local elementary school weekly, and a member of the German Club. I am also an RA.

In the Fall of 2020, I interned on the Rita Hart for Congress Campaign and did work for the Iowa Democratic Party. As an intern, I trained and managed volunteers, and did lots of phone banking. This race turned out to be the closest US House race in the United States in almost 100 years. This summer I will be a WAIP fellow through the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and I am currently applying for internships.

While I am still unsure of plans after graduation, I am interested in working in foreign relations or protecting and expanding voting rights. I am especially interested in working for the State Department or in Congress.

Amira Khoury

Amira Khoury headshot

Major: World Politics
Minors: Philosophy and Environmental Science 
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

I am involved with the Arab Student Union, Students Demand Action, and the Organization of Arab Students.

I plan on doing research on felony disenfranchisement in various countries along with moral components and logical components of felony disenfranchisement.

I plan on getting my master’s in Philosophy or Environmental science, going to Law school, and then get my PhD in Political science. I plan on practicing International law and Environmental law. I also want to analyze policies and advocate for people in need.

I am a first generation college student and a transfer student. I graduated with my associates in Political Science last December from Columbus State Community College. My time at Ohio State has been eye opening and I have grown as a person in many areas such as academics and as an individual. My instructors at Ohio State have pushed me to succeed and supported me since I have started here.

Emily Kovacic

Emily Kovacic headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

I am a member of member of the OSU Mountaineers and a volunteer for FLOW (Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed).

I am currently a page at the Ohio Senate and was just accepted to the Tatoosh School in Alaska for the summer 2022.

I would like to become a folklorist and advocate for the protection of national forests across the U.S.

Don’t let the ghost stories of campus scare you, the only ghost on campus is Thomas and he’s a library enthusiast.

Riley Logan

Riley Logan Headshot 2

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Worthington, Ohio

I do lots of fundraising for Special Olympics through an event called the Polar Plunge. Each year, my father and I host a fundraiser with live music and a silent auction with items donated by local community members. Along with this, I volunteer with dogs at Canine Collective, a no-kill dog shelter in Plain City, Ohio.

I currently work as an Office Assistant at the front desk of the Student Undergraduate Outreach and Recruitment office.

I plan on going to law school after my undergraduate years.

Jessica Manzon

Major: Political Science
Minors: Mandarin and International Business
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Marlboro, New Jersey

I am a Politics, Society, and Law Scholars, a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and a member of PenPALS. I currently work at Chodosh Law Office in Columbus.

I interned with the Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate campaign as a campaign fellow my freshman year. The Covid-19 pandemic first hit in March of my freshman year, unfortunately cutting this internship short. While internships were not looking likely for the summer of 2020, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a Tax Compliance Intern with Siemens Corporation. I continued to work for them this past summer as well. This past semester (AU 21), I interned in Representative Daniel Troy's Office in the Ohio House of Representatives. Much of this internship involved research in Ohio policy. While this opportunity was truly exciting, I accepted an offer from Chodosh Law Office for the spring semester to obtain greater legal experience for a future career in law.

After graduation, I plan to take a gap year traveling to China to use my Mandarin minor. I then plan to attend law school. My dream is to attend New York University School of Law and then work as an attorney in the entertainment or fashion industries.

Meredith Mast

Meredith Mast Headshot

Majors: Political Science and Criminology
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Huron, Ohio

I am involved in my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, where I served as the outgoing VP of Intellectual Development. I am also involved in the United Nations Association and College Mentors for Kids.

I currently work as a circulation assistant at the Moritz College of Law Library. This summer, I will be an intern with the Wrongful Conviction Project at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender.

I plan to attend law school after I graduate and pursue a career as a public defense attorney.

Suzan Mchao

Suzan Mchao Headshot

Major: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Columbus, OH/ Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

I am an Undergraduate Student Government Senator, the Co-President of African Youth League, and an incoming participant of WAIP's Summer 2022 Cohort.

I work as a team member at Target on Hight Street and I intern at Innovation Ohio. 

I hope to go to law school and possibly do lobbying.

Some other fun facts about me: I was awarded one of Central Ohio’s 20 Under 20 youth at the age of 17. I was born in the OSU Wexner Medical Center. I spent my childhood in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Lily Meienburg

Lily headshot

Majors: Political Science and Communications
Minors: Forensic Science and ASL
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Findlay, Ohio

I am a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and on the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee, BBOC (Big Buckeye on Campus) Committee, and the Environmental Committee. I am also a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Morrill Scholars Program, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Off campus, I also run my organization, Type Kind, to end misconceptions about invisible disabilities and encourage inclusivity and bullying prevention.

I am planning an internship with the National Park Service this summer as a Media Accessibility Intern.

I plan to attend law school in order to become a lawyer, while I am still determining my specialty.

Over the past 18 months I have been lobbying within the Ohio Statehouse for House Bill 37, for emergency prescription refills. I testified in both the House of Representatives and the the Senate and was able to attend the Governor's signing of the bill into law on March 2.

Tristan Montieth

Majors: Public Affairs, Political Science, and French and Francophone Studies 
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

I am a member of the Mount Leadership Society and the Undergraduate Student Government. I am also a grader in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

I have done an internship at the U.S. Department of State. I also had a year of service project with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Lastly, I interned for the re-election campaign of Jeff Crossman.

I will be attending law school this upcoming fall!

Megan O'Connor

Megan O'Connor Headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Public Policy
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I am a member of the Ohio State Women’s Rowing Team and OSU’s Ohio Innocence Project chapter.

Currently I am an intern on Nan Whaley’s campaign for Governor of Ohio. My senior year of high school I volunteered for Kate Schroder’s campaign for Ohio’s first congressional district as a member of her field team. I also try to work the polls during elections. I worked as a poll worker during the 2020 election!

Following graduation, I hope to work on campaigns around the country to gain experience, meet new people, and support progressive politicians. Eventually I aspire to do work pertaining to legislation and policy, either for a politician, company, or lobbying organization.

Ohio State has given me the opportunities to challenge myself academically and personally as I have explored new avenues of learning and viewing the world around me.

Nicholas O'Dell

O'Dell headshot

Majors: Political Science
Intended Minor: Statistics 
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Sagamore Hills, Ohio (between Cleveland and Akron)

I'm involved in fraternity life and several volunteering opportunities.

I have been writing draft evaluations for Pro Football Focus this past year as part of a trial for an internship.

I hope to do what I find interesting and allows me to apply my passion for learning.

I absolutely love campus and my years in Columbus are some that I will cherish forever.

Candance Offman

Candance Offman Headshot

Majors: Political Science and History
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Newcomerstown, Ohio

I am involved in the Humanities Scholars, History Club, Campus Cleanup Club, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 

During the academic year, I work as a Resident Advisor. As for the summer, I am currently seeking a job relating to political science!

I wish to go into campaign strategy or policy advising!

Joshua Parker

Joshua Parker Headshot

Majors: Political Science (BS)
Minor: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

I am the Director of Campus Events and Organizations for USG, the Outreach Coordinator for TEDxOhioStateUniversity, an International Law & Diplomacy Intern for EXPLO at Sarah Lawrence College, a Social Media Marketing Intern for RacePenguin, a Sophomore Leadership Officer for the Media, Marketing, and Communications Scholars, and a member of the Marathon Team for the OSU Run Club.

I am currently doing research on political participation among racial/ethnic divides in college through the Sociology department.

I would like to explore more data analysis and to continue working on my public speaking/teaching skills for a future role in the political sphere!

Ohio State may seem like a big school, but you’ll find your niche! Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to take advantage of them!

Ella Roxey 

Ella Roxey Headshot

Major: Political Science (BA), Pre-law
Minors: Business, Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

I am the Vice President of Period. OSU, a Morrill Distinction Scholar, and an OSU Votes Ambassador. I also am heavily involved in the Undergraduate Student Government through my roles as the Governmental Relations Legislative Coordinator and a Senator in the 54th General Assembly.

I work on campus as an office assistant and off-campus as a receptionist. I am hoping to continue my advocacy with internships throughout my upcoming years, especially focusing on government and law.

I want to go to law school to serve marginalized communities and advocate for positive change at the institutional level.

Go Bucks!

Christine Rutkowski

Christine Rutkowski Headshot

Major: Philosophy, Political Science & Economics (PPE) 
Minors: Business and Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Cleveland (Brecksville), Ohio

I am involved in Buckeye Stand-Up Comedy, Alpha Chi Omega (social sorority), and Undergraduate Student Government. 

I have interned at the Fund for Our Economic Future, an economic development foundation in Cleveland, Ohio and at a Manhattan Comedy School. This summer, I am planning to intern at another non-profit specializing in economic development.

I am currently planning on pursuing some form of graduate level education in the form of a Master’s in economic planning or public policy and hopefully working at a nonprofit thereafter.

In my free time, I enjoy doing stand-up and sketch comedy. When I’m not doing stand-up or school, I enjoy exploring the Columbus area and trying new foods.

Mackenzie Sapp

Sapp Headshot

Majors: Political Science and International Relations
Minor: French
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Powell, Ohio

I am a Governmental Relations Committee Representative in the Undergraduate Student Government, as well as a member of the Guiding Eyes for the Blind club on campus. This semester, I am participating in Semester of Service, a volunteering project managed by the University Honors Program with a focus on LGBTQ+ legislative reform. I work as an Operations Assistant in the Ohio Union, and in my free time I like to attend the group fitness classes offered at the OSU gyms.

I am currently interning with Equality Ohio, a nonprofit organization based out of Columbus. I work in a coalition with other Columbus nonprofits to write testimony, plan events, and spread information in regard to honesty in education.

After undergrad, I plan to attend law school, earn my JD, and become a civil rights lawyer. Eventually, I might consider running for public office!

Ethan Sergio

Ethan Sergio Headshot

Major: Political Science (BA)
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Granville, Ohio

On campus, I attend many after-class seminars. Off campus, I have an internship with a start-up political action committee.

I have an internship with the Licking County Democrats Club and with Voices for Juvenile Justice in Columbus, Ohio. We are currently working on proposing legislature for the Ohio General Assembly for juvenile justice reform.

I plan to work with a lobbyist organization to reform the prison system and provide more aid to those who struggle with addiction.

Being a student at Ohio State has given me something in my life to be proud of, and I hope everyone has the same experience in college that I have had. OSU has allowed me to see so many new perspectives and greatly broaden my horizons.

Anna Shulman

Anna Shulman Headshot

Majors: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

I am Vice President of IGNITE women in politics, part of law and society scholars, USG shared governance, and Phi Alpha Delta pre-law Fraternity.

I have a job at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, despite having a double major in Arts and Sciences. I am a student assistant for the department of advancement and events. I am so grateful to be a small part of the Glenn family!

I would like to do research this summer, and if all goes well, get my Ph.D. in either WGSS or political science. In addition to doing research and teaching classes, I would love to get involved in community advocacy work related to reproductive justice and rights. However, I am also considering going to law school to possibly do work related to international and domestic human rights law.

Maddie Sisk

Maddie Sisk Headshot

Majors: Political Science and Public Policy Analysis
Minors: French and Russian
Graduation Year: May 2023
Hometown: McLean, Virginia

My name is Maddie Sisk and I'm from right outside Washington, DC, which has without a doubt influenced my love for politics! Outside of my late homework nights at Thompson, I am very involved with the Collegiate Council on World Affairs (CCWA), particularly with our Model United Nations team, which has inspired my specialization in international affairs. I also plan to be a part of Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and rushing Greek life in the spring. My ideal future career would be in foreign service, as political science at OSU has really allowed me to explore a lot of components involved in foreign service, such as the exhaustive list of languages offered here at OSU and the strong emphasis on diversity!

Lily Smith

Lily Smith Headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Environmental, Economic, Development, and Sustainability minor
Graduation Year: May 2025
Hometown: New Boston, New Hampshire

I am in LSS (law and society scholars) program and AWOW (Advocates for women of the world). I also volunteer back home over breaks at CareGivers of southern NH. 

I hope to become an Environmental Lawyer or work with Environmental Policy in a governmental position

I came to Ohio State not knowing anyone which I thought would be very hard for me, but it has been the greatest transition of my life.

Haley Stav

Stav Headshot

Majors: Political Science
Minors: Society and Environmental Issues and Civic Engagement 
Graduation Year: 2024
Hometown: Parkland, Florida 

I am involved in Undergraduate Student Government, Greek Programming Board, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Morrill Scholar with Distinction, Hillel, and Green Buckeyes. I also have an Internship at Moritz College of Law.

I have Interned for the Office of Florida Representative Hunschofsky, District 96 and for the Public Service Law Center at the Moritz College of Law. I have also served as a Greek Engagement intern for Hillel and as a Florida Democrats Field and Digital Engagement Intern.

I am looking to go to law School (potentially at Moritz) and eventually become a criminal defense, civil rights, or environmental lawyer.

Paul Topalov

Paul Headshot

Major: Political Science
Minor: Russian
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Sidney, Ohio

I am involved in the United Macedonian Diaspora & Russian Student Association.

I am on the Pre-Law Track and have a goal of working in foreign policy between the United States and the countries within the Balkan Peninsula.

Luke Vander Vort

Luke Vander Vort Headshot

Major: Political Science (BA)
Minor: Russian
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am involved in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Intramurals, Russian Student Organization, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

I am currently planning on working for the University Department of Public Safety, as well as possibly participating in an 8-week Russian summer immersion program.

I hope to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation or CIA before going to law school to pursue a J.D or LLM.

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra Webb Headshot

Major: Political Science and Journalism
Minor: Communications
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Newark, Ohio

I am the chair of Community and Wellness along with Backburner Sketch Comedy. I am also interning at Millennial Action Project. I have also been the chair of sustainability along with being in 4 Paws for Ability freshmen year.

I plan on becoming a political journalist.

Madi Wojtowicz

Madi W Headshot

Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

I am the Vice President of Programming for Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), the Account Manager for The PRactice (OSU’s student-run PR firm), and a team captain for BuckeyeThon.

Currently, I’m interning at the Ohio House of Representatives for Rep. Monique Smith. Previously, I worked as a media relations/social media intern for Bowers PR & Marketing. I also interned for a boutique clothing company and a fitness company running their social media platforms.

After graduation, I plan to spend a year completing various post-grad internships before pursuing a career in political PR/communications.

I highly recommend the political science minor. Through my minor classes, I learned how to think critically and understand the political world at a higher level. I now feel prepared as I pursue my career goals.

Andrew Ka Yiu Wong

Andrew Ka Yiu Wong Headshot

Majors: Political Science and Psychology, on Pre-Law track
Graduation Year: 2024 (Expected Graduation date: December 2023)
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

I am a member of the Undergraduate Student Government (Community Relations Liaison and Senator for the 54th General Assembly), the University Senate, the Committee on Academic Misconduct Law and Society Scholars (Mentor), the Hong Kong Student Association (President), the St. Thomas More Newman Center Choir and Bible Study,  Alpha Lambda Delta (Initiation Chair), and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law fraternity. 

I had a summer internship at Jane Timken for Ohio. I plan to intern for a congressman in Dayton in the summer of 2022 and in Washington D.C. in the summer of 2023.

I plan to go to a prestigious law school after graduation and become a criminal trial attorney. I would like to run for public office someday.

Fun Fact: I can speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and Spanish fluently and enjoy learning about different languages, cultures, and ideas.

Recent Graduates

ps ambassadors

Alana Prendergast

Majors: Political Science & Psychology
Minor: African American Studies
Graduation Year: May 2019

Alana served for two years as Her Campus OSU President. Alana assisted in the development of the Undergraduate Ambassadors Program because she wanted to help current students better connect with faculty, as well as incoming students. She believes the Ambassadors Program is a great path for students to become more involved with their major and to serve as a liaison between the current OSU Political Science community and prospective students.

Hyeji Kim

Photo of Hyeji Kim

Areas of study: Political science and economics, French minor
Specialization: International Relations
Graduation year: 2017
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Hyeji first got involved with the Collegiate Council on World Affairs (CCWA) at the beginning of her freshman year at Ohio State, when she sought out a club related to her major. Nearly three years later, she has built a close network of friends through CCWA and serves as an editor for Alger Magazine, CCWA’s student-run magazine that publishes articles on domestic and world affairs. “CCWA has been so great at promoting friendships within the department,” she says. “Every step that I have taken, from thinking that I should read this magazine or take this class or do this research, it has all been motivated by the people that I have met through CCWA.”

Outside of the Political Science department, Hyeji is involved in the North Korea Future Research Organization, a student group dedicated to researching and enhancing understanding of North Korea and its relevant issues. She also sings with BAAM, an Asian-American a cappella group on campus, and is a member of the Student Advisory Committee for Honors Collegium, an enrichment program within the University Honors Program that connects honors students with faculty and offers co-curricular activities on personal and professional development. 

During her sophomore year, Hyeji took advantage of the many opportunities for undergraduate research at Ohio State by working as a research assistant for Political Science assistant professor Inés Valdez Tappatá. This was a valuable opportunity that showed Hyeji how professors conduct their own research and allowed her to form a close relationship with Professor Valdez, who gave her advice and guidance on her future career plans. “Plus, it gave me more insight into my own research process – what sort of research I should be looking into,” she says. “So that was a great experience.”

In Autumn 2015, Hyeji was one of two political science students studying abroad at Sciences Po, a highly competitive French university in Paris, where she took courses in the areas of international relations and political science. Before departing, she said: “What I am most excited about is getting the opportunity to study political science and international studies from perspectives that are different than what I was previously exposed to. Critical thinking is important in all fields, but I think it is particularly relevant in the social science fields. I believe that learning about the French methodology and having the chance to learn about world affairs from a different point of view will be beneficial as I continue my study at Ohio State.”

Looking to the future, Hyeji is considering careers in foreign policy, diplomacy, or possibly international political risk analysis. To further explore these interests, Hyeji participated in the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2015. The Rangel Program, which is funded by the Department of State and hosted by Howard University, allows undergraduate students who are interested in international affairs to attend courses on relevant topics, meet professionals in the field, and participate in networking and informational programs at various institutions around Washington, D.C.

When asked about her favorite things about the Political Science department, Hyeji cited the engaged faculty, the opportunity to get involved in numerous student organizations (“students can get together based on shared interests”, which helps give the department and the university a small feeling) and the openness of the department to student opinions and ideas.

Her advice to other students? Go to your professors’ office hours. “It took me over a semester and a half to even gather the courage to knock on the professor’s door during his office hours. Sending an email and setting up an appointment is even scarier. However, once the professors see how engaged you are with the course material or just invested in the field, they are willing to listen to questions and give you advice. It can also develop into something personal as the student and faculty discuss their family lives, vacation plans, and much more. I was so happy when I got my first ‘I’m so glad to see you’ hug from my research professor.”