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Research in International Politics Workshop

Research in International Politics Workshop (RIP)

The Research in International Politics (RIP) Workshop serves as a venue for the presentation and discussion of international relations (IR) research primarily (though not exclusively) by graduate students and faculty of the Department of Political Science. Every week, speakers present on a topic and engage in a spirited dialogue with the participating audience. The program is meant to stimulate novel research in IR as well as provide students with a friendly yet professional environment where they can discuss their work at any stage of research and practice job talks. All topics, ontologies and methodologies are welcome.

Please contact graduate student coordinators at rip@osu.edu if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Spring 2024 Schedule 

Fridays 1-2 pm (Spencer Room, Derby 2130)

Mar 29, 2024: Gabriel Gorre: "The Nightmare of the Liberal Order: Gramsci, Racial Capitalism, and Passive Revolution in the Periphery" 

Apr 5, 2024: Benjamin Falcón: "The Little Ice Age and the Making of IR: A Green Critique of the Westphalian Myth" 

Apr 10, 2024: Special RIP Session: Prof. Adam Lerner: "Taking Ideas Seriously in the Study of Norm Entrepreneurship: Bohuslav Ečer and the Criminality of Aggressive War"

Apr 12, 2024: José O. Pérez: "Global Migration Governance: Actors, Structures, and Networks of Venezuelan Migration in Brazil" 

Spring 2023 Schedule

Feb 10, 2023: Minseon Ku and Brian Finch: "‘The Forgotten War’: Willful Ignorance, Ontological (In)Security, and the Korean War"

Mar 3, 2023: Zhiqin Gao: "The Transformation of East Asian Politics, 1368-1420"

Mar 24, 2023: Christy Oh and Christopher Gelpi: “Democracy Hacked? Public Opinion and Foreign Cyber Influence Operations During Elections”

Mar 31, 2023: Christian Godwin: "Conceptualizing a Total State: The State as an Organism in IR Theory"

Apr 7, 2023: Alexander Wendt: "The Pentagon, National Security, and the UFO: The Crisis of Anthropocentric Sovereignty"

Apr 14, 2023: Maryum Alam TBD

Apr 21, 2023: Sefa Secen: "Ontological (In)Security and Syrian Refugees in Turkey"

Fall 2022 Schedule

Sept 14, 2022: Liuya Zhang “A Study on National Sentiment toward Foreign Countries and Its Relationship with Economic Interdependence”

Sept 21, 2022: Haoming Xiong "Competing Chinese Conceptions of International Order"

Sept 28, 2022: Job Talk Practice by Sooyeon Kang (Mershon Postdoc) "Upping the ante without taking up arms: Why mass movements escalate demands"

Oct 5, 2022: Yasin Ismail "Quest for Recognition: Taliban's Diplomacy in the Context of Internal Constraints and Prescriptive International Norms"

[Oct 12, 2022 (Autumn break) No RIP session]

Oct 19, 2022: David Peterson Job Talk Practice "Unity Through Pessimism Mistrust and the Emergence of Political Agency"

Oct 26, 2022: Cameron Macaskill "Legacies of Federation and Decolonial Futures: Examining African Regional Integration" + discussant Brooks Marmon (Mershon Postdoc)

Nov 2, 2022: Maryum Alam + Alan van Beek "Refining the known unknowns? Modeling and measuring uncertainty"

Nov 9, 2022: Cancelled

Nov 18, 2022: Adrian Calmettes and Dominic Pfister "The World Economic Forum in Global Governance: Gaining Authority through the Technological ‘Turbulence in World Politics’ Discourse"

[Nov 23, 2022: (Thanksgiving holiday) No RIP session]

Nov 30, 2022: Andy Goodhart "Measures of International Order"

Spring 2022 Schedule 

2/17: Joseph Stieb (Mershon Postdoc), "The Stickiness of Terrorism in U.S. Foreign Policy: A Cultural and Political Explanation" 

3/3: Christian Godwin, "The Feasibility of Global Hegemony" 

3/10: Laurie Georges, "The Nation Lens, Ontological Security and Protracted Conflicts: Bringing the Epistemology of Ignorance to IR" 

3/24: Chris Ray, "Dark Arts: Expert Analysis and Sorcery in US Foreign Policy" 

3/31: Cancelled

4/7: Jared Rabinowitz, "Making Territory: Expansionism and the Status of U.S.-Claimed Guano Islands" 

4/14: Dominic Pfister and Adrian Calmettes, "Disrupting Technologies, Disrupted Governance: The WHO, the WEF, and the Global Governance of Digital Mental Health"

4/21: Cancelled

4/28: Maryum Alam and Daniel Smith, "No threats beyond the horizon? Reexamining the political geography of alliance formation"

Fall 2021 Schedule

9/24: Christian Godwin, “Realism All the Way Down: America’s Pursuit of Global Hegemony”  

10/1: Liuya Zhang, “North Korean Peace Proposals 1998-2021: An Empirical Approach”  

10/8: Maryum Alam, “Hysteresis, and Cost-Benefit Assessments in Foreign Policy”  

10/22: Chris Ray & Chris Gelpi, “The Anxious Public”  

10/29: Andy Goodhart, “The Desire to Do Something: Explaining U.S. Public Support for Ineffectual Foreign Policy Interventions”  

11/5: Maryum Alam,"Give it some time? Psychological frames, intertemporal choice, and hysteresis in sunk cost assessments."  

11/12: Caleb Pomeroy Job talk practice 

11/19: Seoeun Yan, “Measuring countries’ policy attention using UNGA draft resolutions” 

12/3: Adrian Calmettes, “Diffusing What? Science, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence in Global Governance -- The role of cosmologies in Global Governance’s self-undermining mechanisms.” 

Spring 2021 Schedule

2/1: Minseon Ku & Jennifer Mitzen, “Trusting Anarchy: Summits and the Production of State Personhood”  

2/15 Jared Edgerton Practice job talk, “In- and out-group cooperation and competition in the international system” 

2/22 Jyhjong Hwang, “From Profits to Grand Strategy: An international political economy theory of arms transfers”  

3/1 Erik Wisniewski & Grant Sharratt, “The Digital Revolution, Global Populism, and Instability in the International system.”  

3/8 Natalie Romeri-Lewis, “From Law to Action to Reporting: An Original Dataset on How Post-Conflict and Post-Repression Human Rights Bodies Investigate Abuses Against Women”  

3/15 Erik Wisniewski, “Revisionism in the Digital Age”  

3/22 Minseon Ku, “Summit Diplomacy as Desecuritization”  

3/29 Ruthie Pertsis, “When Words Collide: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Agency in Responsibility in International Relations”  

4/5 Maryum Alam & Daniel Smith, “Unrealized Potential? Developmental Disparities, Relative Capabilities, and Balancing Behaviors”  

4/12 Kailash Srinivasan, “The Global Administrative Society” 

4/19 Caleb Pomeroy, “Power and the Bargaining Model of War” 

Fall 2020 Schedule

10/8 Cameron Macaskill, “(re)Imagining the Contours of African Regional Integration”.  

10/15 Andy Goodhart, “Designing International Orders: How Legitimacy Principles Produce Cooperation and Dissent”  

10/22 Linnea Turco, "Speaking Volumes: Introducing the UNGA Speech Corpus". 

11/5 Chris Ray, “Defense and the Dark Arts: Uncertainty and Sorcery in National Security Policy”  

11/12 Caleb Pomeroy, “The Psychology of Power: The First Image Reversed and International Security”  

11/19 Jared Edgerton, “Spread of genocide: Hutu killing groups during the Genocide in Rwanda”  

12/3 Ruthie Pertsis, “When Words Collide: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Agency and Responsibility in International Relations” 

Spring 2020 Schedule

1/15 John Mueller, “Was the United States Necessary for "Pax" Americana? Aversion to International War as an Independent Variable” 

1/22 Brian Finch and Haoming Xiong, “Public Opinion & the U.S-China-Russia Triad: A Mass Perspective” 

1/29 Lauren Muscott Assembled Responsibility: Global Polities and the Relocation of Responsibility in Global Governance 

2/5 Jyhjong Hwang "Logics of Arms Deals: a multilevel investigation of Zambian military aircraft procurements from China." 

2/12 Linnea Turco "Consequences and Duties: A Map and Theory of International Morality." 

2/19 Alan van Beek "Preferences All the Way Down: Audience Costs, Leader Agency, and Constituencies."  

2/26 Alex Thompson, “Climate Finance and the North-South Politics of IO Design” 

3/4 John Harden, “Narcissism, Match-Fixing, and War” 

3/18 Vlad Chlouba, “Liberation Wars as Critical Junctures: Settler Colonialism and Persistent Inequality” 

3/25 Jared Edgerton, “Fractal violence: The spread of norms at individual, group, and state levels” 

4/1 Caleb Pomeroy, “The Psychology of Power in World Politics” 

4/15 Jared Edgerton and Andy Goodhart, “Safe to Pull Back? What the Balancing-Bandwagoning Debate Reveals about the U.S. Pullback from East Asia” 

4/24 Brian Rathbun (University of Southern California) and Caleb Pomeroy, “See No Evil, Speak No Evil? Morality, Evolutionary Psychology, and Threat in International Relations” 

Fall 2019 Schedule

8/28 John Harden “Choosing Your Battles: Leader Narcissism and International Conflict” 

9/4 Maryum Alam “Alliances and Proxy Wars”  

9/11 Jared Edgerton “Suicide fighter mobilization: Sibling Socialization”

9/ 18 Greg Smith “Power Today is Not Power Tomorrow: Adaptation and the Declining Effectiveness of Coercion”  

9/25 Erik Wisniewski “The Structural Origins of Contemporary Grayzone Activity”

10/ 2 Andy Goodhart “Bipolarity is Killing the Liberal International Order: Why a Less Liberal Order is Inevitable”  

10/9 Daniel Naftel "The Meaning of Democracy: Public opinion and the moral foundations of the democratic peace." 

10/16 Ben Kenzer “Transnational police professionalization and the global governmentality of protests”  

10/23 Josh Kertzer “Trade Attitudes in the Wild”  

10/30 Liwu Gan "Assigning Fair Shares: A New Typology of International Responsibility ." 

11/6 Ruthie Pertsis "When Words Collide: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Agency and Responsibility in International Relations"  

11/13 Brian Finch and Haoming Xiong “Chinese Public’s Perceptions of Russia”  

11/20 Bear Braumoeller, Alan van Beek, Michael Lopate, Andy Goodhart, Daniel Kent, Jared Edgerton, David Peterson “The Emergent Properties of Hierarchical International Order"

Spring 2019 Schedule

2/11, 2019 Ben Campbell, Anna Meyerrose, Lauren Muscott, Drew Rosenberg, Greg Smith, Linnea Turco Panel on publishing  

2/18, 2019 Michael Lopate “Power, Vulnerability, and the Fate of Nations”  

2/25, 2019 Skyler Cranmer “Triangulating War: Network Structure and the Democratic Peace”  

3/4, 2019 Chen “The Clash of Civilizations redux: culture, complexity, and computational modeling”  

3/18, 2019 David Peterson “Generalized Learning, Coercion, and the Evolution of Cooperation”  

3/25, 2019 John Harden “Leader Motivations, Narcissism, and Foreign Policy”  

4/1, 2019  Reed Kurtz “Climate Justice from the Ground Up: Placing Critical Fieldwork in the Politics of the Climate Crisis”  

4/8, 2019 Adam Lauretig “Measuring Meaning in U.S. Foreign Policy: Identification and Inference with Bayesian Word Embeddings”  

4/15, 2019 Kara Hooser and Jennifer Mitzen “Welcome to the Gray Zone: A Feminist Analysis of US Strategic Anxiety”  

4/22, 2019 Chris Ray “The Anxious Public: Anxiety Management and Public Attitudes about Terrorism 

Fall 2018 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Ruthie Pertsis and Chris Ray

September 7, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room) 
Ben Campbell, “Measuring and Assessing Latent Variation in Alliance Design and Objectives”

September 14, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Austin Knuppe, “Local Problems for Local Partners: When Does Foreign Intervention Trigger Blowback?”

September 21, 2018, Derby 150
Anna Meyerrose, “Democracy without Institutions: The Links between International Organizations and Democratic Backslide”

September 28, 2018, Derby 150
Kailash Srinivasan, “The Nomos of Capital: A Critique of International Law”

October 5, 2018, Derby 150
Bear Braumoeller, “Conflict, Complexity, and International Order”
October 19, 2018, Derby 150
Ben Kenzer, “Managed Resistance: Police, Protesters, and The Global Governmentality of Professionalism”

October 26, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Daniel Kent, “Unexpected Contributions in Wartime Coalitions”

November 2, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Reed Kurtz, “Politics of Climate Justice: Ecology, Hegemony, and Direct Action”

November 9, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Dan Wollrich, “Moral Norms and National-Security Decision-Making”

November 16, 2018, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Linnea Turco, “The Ethics of International Security Politics: An Empirical Map and Discursive Theory”
November 30, 2018 *3pm, Derby 2130 (Spencer Room)
Prof. Laura Zanotti (Virginia Tech), “Quantum Imaginaries, Agency and Ethics in IR”

Spring 2017 Schedule

January 27th: Chris Gelpi and Elias Assaf, “Politics Trumps Policy: The Role of Foreign Policy Attitudes in the 2016 Presidential Election"

February 10th: Christopher Ray

February 17th: Nicholas Kiersey, “Austerity as Tragedy? From Neoliberal Governmentality to the Critique of Late Capitalist Control

April 14th: Drew Rosenberg

April 21st: Mark Salter, “Quantum Sovereignty”

Fall 2016 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Linnea Turco and Ben Kenzer

September 13th: Daniel Verdier

September 20th: Daniel Silverman
September 27th: Austin Knuppe

October 4th: Drew Rosenberg
October 11th: Third Year Research Papers: Benjamin Kenzer and Benjamin Campbell
October 18th: Third Year Research Papers: Greg Smith and Adam Lauretig
October 25th: Michelle Jurkovich (University of Massachusetts Boston)
November 1st: Bridget Coggins (University of California Santa Barbara)

November 15th - no session

November 22nd - no session

November 29nd - Michael Lopate

December 6th - Inés Valdez

2015-2016 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Austin Knuppe and Kyle Larson

September 24: Alex Grigorescu (Loyola-Marymount University, Chicago)
"Democratic Intergovernmental Organizations? Normative Pressures and Decision-Making Rules"

October 1: Jennifer Mitzen

October 8: Ezra Schricker

October 22: RIP Lite
3rd Year Paper Presentations

October 29: Raymond Duvall (University of Minnesota)
RIP graduate student lunch

November 5: RIP Lite
3rd Year Paper Presentations

November 12: Burak Kadercan (U.S. Naval War College)
"Territorial Logic of ISIS"

November 19: Marina Duque

December 3: RIP Lite
3rd Year Paper Presentations

2014-2015 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Ezra Schricker and Aisha Bradshaw

October 31, 12:15 PM:  "Political Generations and U.S. Foreign Policy Change: WWI and the End of American Isolationism."
Tim Luecke

November 7, 12 PM: "Reminders of America's Divine Election: Presidential Use of Religious Rhetoric during US Foreign Policy Crises"
Josh Wu

November 14, 12 PM
Eunbin Chung

November 21, 12 PM 
Sebastien Mainville

December 5, 12 PM: "The Political Capacity of Resistance Organizations"
Benjamin Acosta

2013-2014 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Raphael Cunha and Marina Duque

September 27, 12pm:“Toward a Global Community of Law: Norms and Discourse”
Sungjoon Cho, Chicago-Kent College of Law
Discussant: John Oates, OSU

January 30, 12:15pm: “Religious Nationalism and Civil War: Political Islam in Algeria, 1954-1992”
Austin Knuppe, OSU
Discussant: Kyle Larson, OSU

February 27, 12pm: “Do you hear what I hear? The effect of foreign religious rhetoric on foreign policy public opinion”
Joshua Wu, OSU
Discussant: Kathleen Powers, OSU

March 6, 12pm: “Reconsidering Regime Type, Capability, and War”
Kyle D. Larson and William A. McCracken, III, OSU
Discussant: Aisha Bradshaw, OSU

April 17, 1:30pm: “Opting Out in 2012: Military Casualties, Vote Choice, and Voter Turnout in Obama’s Bid for Reelection”
Christopher Gelpi and Kristine Kay, OSU
Discussant: Marina Duque, OSU

2012-2013 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Meri Ellen Lynott and Joshua Wu

November 2:“Much Ado About Nothing? Transnational Policy Networks and REDD+ in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia”
Caleb Gallemore, OSU

November 9:“Lawyering compliance: Legal advisers and states’ deference to international law”
Fernando Nuñez-Mietz, OsU

February 8:“Researching Public Opinion Influence on the Foreign Policies of Emerging Asian Powers: The Benefits of Sequential, Multi-method Research Designs”
Shivaji Kumar, OSU

February 15: “Constructing the Value of Delegation: Representations of Interdependence and the Constitution of Supranationalism”
John Oates, OSU

February 22: “What do we know about democracy and war outcomes?”
William McCracken, OSU

2011-2012 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Sebastien Mainville and Kathleen Powers

October 7, 12pm: “Overcommitted to Commitment Problems? Intentions, Incentives, and Civil War Duration”
Ben Jones and Josh Kertzer, OSU

January 6, 12pm: “Hegemony and Common Sense”
Ted Hopf, OSU

January 13, 1:30pm
Xiaoyu Pu, OSU

February 17, 12pm
Bentley Allan, OSU

March 30, 12pm: “Political Generations and Change and Stability in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1900-2008”
Tim Luecke, OSU

2010-2011 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Austin Carson and Eleonora Mattiacci

October 1, 12pm: “Consensus, Constraint, and Peacekeeping Success. More May Be Better... And Worse”
Bear F. Braumoeller and Eleonora Mattiacci, OSU
Discussant: Benjamin Jones, OSU

October 29, 12pm:“The Age of Entropy: Global Disorder in the New Millennium”
Randall Schweller, OSU

January 7, 12pm: “Terror, Security and Money”
John Mueller, OSU

February 18, 12pm: “A Theory of Status Signaling in International Politics”
Xiaoyu Pu, OSU
March 4, 12pm: “Blame Dynamics in Audience Costs Theory”
Austin Carson, OSU

March 11, 12pm: “Neuroscientific Inquiry and International Relations”
Marcus Holmes, OSU

April 29, 12pm: “Moral Knowledge and Public Discourse”
David Traven, OSU

May 4, 12pm:“It's the Economy, Stupid: Cognitive Heterogeneity and Economic Determinants of Foreign Policy Mood”
Josh Kertzer, OSU

May 13, 12pm:“When Means Change Ends”
Bentley Allan, OSU

May 27, 12pm:“The Color of Threat”
Zoltan Buzas, OSU

2009-2010 Schedule

Graduate Student Coordinators: Bentley Allan and Erin Graham

October 23, 12pm: “Folk Realism: Realism in low-information foreign policy contexts”
Joshua D. Kertzer and Kathleen M. McGraw, OSU

October 30, 12pm:“How Political Relevance and Democracy Affect Conflict: Two Theoretical Propositions”
Bear Braumoeller and Austin Carson, OSU

January 15, 12pm:“Soli Deo Gloria? What glory and which god in secular-sacred unions between state and church in international politics”
Joshua Wu, OSU

January 29, 12pm:“The ‘Debate about Empire’ and International Relations Theory: Beyond the Narratives of Sovereign and Imperial Power in Theorizing Modern World Politics”
Nicholas J. Kiersey, Ohio University

March 12, 12pm:“Methodological Nationalism in International Theory: Rethinking Sovereignty as Constituent Power”
John Oates, OSU
Discussant: Aldous Cheung, OSU

May 21, 1:00pm: “Effects of Domestic Politics on Bargaining Power in Long-Term International Cooperation”
TongFi Kim, OSU

May 28, 12pm:“Progress in International Politics: Procedural Liberalism and Global Collective Identity”
Dane Imerman, OSU
Discussant: Phil Jackson, OSU