Departmental Awards


Francis R. Aumann Award for Distinguished Senior Achievement

The Francis R. Aumann Award is presented to the best all-around senior students in political science. This award was established by alumni, friends, and associates of Dr. Aumann, professor emeritus, as a way of rewarding scholastic excellence and promoting the academic goals of the department. The winners receive $500. 

2021 Award Recipients

Destiny Brown

Maria Kindell

Miriam Aggrey


Lawrence J.R. Herson Award for Academic Excellence

The Herson Award recognizes those seniors who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence and are graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA. The award is named in honor of one of our most distinguished emeritus faculty, Lawrence J.R. Herson, a long-time member of the department who served as Department Chair and went on to become Dean of the College. 

2021 Award Recipients

Lauren Taylor Jennings

Benjamin Marcus

Kendal Colleen Nininger

Hanna Elizabeth Ross


William Jennings Bryan Prize for Best Paper in American Politics and Political Theory

This award was established by Mr. Bryan in 1898 and is given for the best papers written for a course in the field of American Politics and Political Theory. The winners receive $750.

2021 Award Recipients

American Politics—Dani Wasshausen: "Gun Violence Policy Proposal Paper: "May-Issue" Concealed Carry Laws"

Political Theory—Emily de Jong: "Equal Citizenship to Du Bois and Simpson"


Jacobina Aman Award for Best Paper in Comparative Politics and International Relations

This award was established in 1959 with a bequest from Katherine A. Siebert in memory of her mother, Jacobina Aman, and is given for the best paper written for a course in the field of International Relations or Comparative Politics. The winners receive $500. 

2021 Recipients

Nina LeBlanc: "Bilateral Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran"

Ian Samide: "Leader Social Dominance Orientation, Sexism and Foreign Policy: An Experimental Design"


Henry R. Spencer Award for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis in Political Science

2021 Recipient

Jade Musa: "Dependency or Domination: An application of state theories to Palestine and Israel"