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Law and Graduate School

Law School

Political science majors vary a good deal in their career goals, but many of our students hope to attend law school and pursue a career related to the law. We offer a number of upper-division courses that explore legal, judicial and constitutional issues, including:

Political Science 4130, Law and Politics

Political Science 4132H, Supreme Court Decision Making

Political Science 4135, American Constitutional Law

Political Science 4136, Civil Liberties

Political Science 4137, The Politics of Legal Decision Making

Political Science 4138, Women and the Law

In addition to teaching the critical thinking skills that are essential to success in a legal career, a political science major provides an invaluable perspective on the larger social and political context in which the law functions.

For more information about law school and legal careers, visit the Pre-Law advisor page or the ASC Pre-Professional site. The primary source for information about the law school application process is the Law School Admissions Council.

Graduate School

If you have the ability, interest, and energy to pursue advanced study in political science, a political science major at Ohio State provides an opportunity to prepare yourself under the guidance of some of the discipline's finest scholars. Your training here can be the beginning of a superb career.

A political science degree can also open the door to graduate study in a number of other fields. For example, in addition to political science, our graduates have earned advanced degrees in education, public policy and management, business administration, journalism, international relations and the health professions.

Because admission to the top graduate programs is highly competitive, you should work closely with your faculty adviser as soon as you begin to consider graduate school. Your best chance for admission will come through a strong and carefully-planned course curriculum, good scores on exams such as the GRE or GMAT, strong reference letters, and appropriate extra-curricular activities. Students who plan to pursue a graduate degree in political science should consult with their faculty advisor(s) and other professors about the course of study that is best suited to the field that they wish to pursue.