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Research Grants & Honors Scholarships

The Ohio State University has many different research grants and scholarships available to undergraduate students who are conducting research. Below is a non-exhaustive list of funding opportunities available to students in the Department of Political Science. The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) webpage also offers additional information on external funding opportunities and international research programs.

Decision Sciences Collaborative pilot grants

Special funding of up to $1,800 is available to sponsor and support undergraduate research in Decision Sciences at Ohio State. Any Ohio State faculty advisor can apply for such funds on behalf of an undergraduate. For more information visit the Decision Sciences Collaborative webpage.

Mershon Center for International Security Studies Student Grants

The Mershon Center for International Security Studies cultivates innovative research on international, national, and human security. We focus particularly on the human and social rather than the technical dimensions of diplomacy, peacemaking, conflict, and collective problem-solving. To learn more about applying for the student grants, please visit The Mershon Center webpage.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants

Each fall and spring semester, the Social and Behavioral Sciences offer research grants to undergraduate students whose research projects involve extraordinary costs. Any student with a declared major in the Social and Behavioral Sciences is eligible for this award, including honors and non-honors students. The maximum award amount is $1,000. To learn more about applying for this grant please visit the following Arts and Sciences scholarship webpage.

International Research and Scholarship Grant

The Offices of International Affairs; Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge; and Student Academic Excellence are sponsoring a grant competition for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. Grants range from $1000 to $5000. The proposals are evaluated by a committee from across a variety of disciplines, so they should be accessible to non-specialists. Awards are based on merit, according to the following criteria:

  • Implementing the research or scholarly project within time and budget proposed
  • Quality of project within its context
  • Appropriateness of proposed budget

Proposals can request funds to support, among other things:

  • Research project expenses (e.g. acquiring data, supplies, materials)
  • Development thesis, manuscripts, and publications
  • Development and hosting of a conference, workshop, speaker series
  • Professional conference travel is not eligible under this award

For more information, visit the Office of International Affairs website

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Academic Enrichment Grants:

The Undergraduate Student Government’s Academic Enrichment Grants serve to make academically enriching experiences that are related to a student's field of study more accessible and affordable. There are a number of events, programs, research opportunities, and educational excursions separate from a student’s curriculum that can have huge positive effects on that student's life and can greatly influence what they decide to do in their future careers. AEGs can cover a number of expenditures from computer programs necessary for experimental research to travel expenses for a conference, so long as the student is able to justify the importance of the expenditure and how it relates to their project. Please note that applications will be primarily evaluated on how strongly the student can correlate their proposed experience to their stated learning goals and their field of study. Students who demonstrate a passion for their project, a need for funding, and can thoroughly elaborate on how their proposed expenditures are necessary to fulfill their stated project goals are ideal candidates who will get the most out of what AEGs have to offer. The need for funding will be considered as we have many applicants and want to ensure as many as possible receive enough funding to complete their experience. Awards will be up to $1,200 per applicant per cycle.  For more information, visit the USG webpage.

Scholarship Competitions from the Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship

The Arts and Sciences Honors Program offers applications each year for the annual Undergraduate Research Scholarship competition. In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in a major program in the College of Arts and Sciences, have junior academic standing and either 1) be a candidate for graduation with research distinction or with honors research distinction, or 2) present other evidence of work on a significant research project. The scholarship offers a range of money from $500 to $12,000 that will be apportioned to summer, autumn, and spring semesters to cover university tuition and fees. For more information about the scholarship, please visit the Arts and Sciences Honors website.

International Research Grants for Undergraduates in Arts and Sciences

This scholarship encourages students to engage in research in international venues with their faculty mentors. Both students and faculty are encouraged to apply for grants to support undergraduate students who can benefit from doing research abroad. The awards for this scholarship are distributed by the Arts and Sciences Honors Program and the Office of International Affairs. To apply for this scholarship and read more information, please visit the Arts and Sciences scholarship website.