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International Relations

Our international politics field encompasses a wide range of theoretical perspectives and empirical approaches. Our faculty train graduate students and conduct research in international security, international political economy, foreign policy decision making, and international organization using a wide range of tools, including statistics, game theory and historical case studies.

Majors in International politics are often complemented by coursework in Comparative Politics, Political Psychology, Political Economy, Political Methodology, and Formal Theory

International Relations Faculty

Chris GelpiRichard Herrmann, Jennifer Mitzen, John Mueller, Randall Schweller, Alexander Thompson, Daniel Verdier, and Alexander Wendt

Five Basic Subfields

Foreign Policy
International Organization
International Political Economy
International Security
International Theory

Recent Ph.D. Placements

Johns Hopkins University   
Dartmouth College
University of Arizona
College of William and Mary
Fordham University
University of Kansas
University of Texas
University of Illinois - Chicago
Drexel University
European Institute, Florence
Niehaus Center, Princeton University
Social Science Research Center Berlin
Central Intelligence Agency
Institute for Defense Analysis
Joint Warfare Analysis Center, Department of Defense

Related Programs

Related programs at Ohio State University include the Mershon Center for National Security Studies and the Military History Program.