Erin Lin

Assistant Professor

Erin Lin is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Global Food Politics at the Ohio State University. Her research interests lie in the areas of post-conflict reconstruction, political geography, food security, and legacies of war, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia.  In particular, she specializes in the political, economic, environmental, and agricultural repercussions of unexploded ordnance leftover from war. She is a team member of the Initiative for Food and Agricultural Transformation (INFACT), a university-wide effort to encourage cross-disciplinary research.  Her collaborative research projects include: the use of machine-learning models to identify bomb craters and the location of unexploded ordnance (with Rongjun Qin) and the study of soil contaminants in Hawaii, due to chemical leakage from unexploded ordnance (with Leah Bevis and Nick Basta).

She received her BA in Environmental Studies from Yale University; she will hold a PhD in Politics from Princeton University, pending defense May 2017.   

Erin Lin Photo
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