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Alexander Wendt is Mershon Professor of International Security and Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University.  He received his PhD in 1989 from the University of Minnesota, and before coming to OSU in 2004 had taught previously at Yale University, Dartmouth College, and the University of Chicago.

Wendt is interested in philosophical aspects of social science, with special reference to international relations.  He is the author of several well-known journal articles, as well as Social Theory of International Politics (Cambridge, 1999), which in 2006 received the International Studies Association award for “Best Book of the Decade” in the field.  In the 2017 TRIP survey of 1400 International Relations scholars he was named as the most influential scholar in the field over the past 20 years.

Wendt's recent book, Quantum Mind and Social Science (Cambridge, 2015), explores the implications for social science of the possibility that consciousness is a macroscopic quantum mechanical phenomenon – in effect, that human beings are walking wave functions.

Wendt is currently writing a book on UFOs and national security, in light of the 2021 Pentagon Report confirming the existence of UFOs (now officially rebranded as "UAP"), declaring them to be a potential 'national security threat,' and subsequent Congressional hearings and legislation.

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