American Politics

Our American Politics program is broad-gauged, with wide coverage of substantive areas and sufficient depth to permit specialization in a variety of areas.  Graduate study in American Politics at Ohio State includes choice among seminars on the following substantive subjects:

Executive and bureaucratic politics
Intergovernmental relations
Legislative politics
Parties and interest groups
Political psychology
Public Opinion
Race, gender, and ethnicity
Voting behavior

From time to time, our faculty have offered reading courses on more specialized topics (e.g., southern politics).

Majors in American Politics are expected to take, at a minimum, Quantitative Analysis I and II, Advanced Quantitative Analysis, Formal Theory I, and Experimental Methods.

Majors in American Politics may complement their work with minors in Political Methodology, Formal Theory, Political Psychology, Comparative Politics (e.g, mass political behavior), and International Relations (e.g., American foreign policy)