Political Methodology and Statistics Resoures on the Web

Political Methodology Homepage (Organized Section of the APSA)
The Political Methodologist (Newsletter of the Political Methodology Section)
Political Analysis (Journal of the APSA Political Methodology Section)
UCLA Statistical Computing Resources
PowerPoint Presentations of Statistical Topics London School of Economics
The Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods

General Data Sources

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS)
Harvard-MIT Data Center
The Virtual Data Center Project

Data Sources for American Politics

National Election Studies (NES) Homepage
Judicial Research Initiative (JuRI)
State Supreme Court Data Project
Law and Courts Datasets
NOMINATE Scores (via Keith Poole's Homepage)
Policy Agendas Project
Advocacy and Public Policymaking Project
General Social Survey
International Social Survey Programme

Data Sources for International Relations

Correlates of War Project
EUGENE: Expected Utility Generation and Data Management Program, by Scott Bennett and Allan Stam
Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Site (VERY Comprehensive)

Data Sources for Comparative Politics

Polity IV Project
World Values Survey
Lijphart Elections Archive
The New Europe Barometer
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
International Social Survey Programme
World Bank Data
Trends in Developing Economies Data (via the World Bank)
The Post-Internal War Accommodation and Repression Data Project
Economic Growth Data
The Economic Freedom Index
CIA World Factbook
Canadian Election Study
Africa Research Program

Statistical Software Components Available for Download on the Web

S-POST: Post-Estimation with Stata, by J. Scott Long and Jeremy Freese
CLARIFY: Software for Interpreting and Presenting Statistical Results, by M. Tomz, J. Wittenberg, and G. King
EUGENE: Expected Utility Generation and Data Management Program, by Scott Bennett and Allan Stam
COUNT: A Program for Estimating Event Count and Duration Regressions, by Gary King
AMELIA: A Program for Missing Data, by Gary King
RELogit: Rare Events Logistic Regression, by Gary King
CDSIMEQ: A Program to Implement Two-Stage Probit Lease Squares, by Omar M.G. Keshk
Stata Software Components (Includes Dozens of Stata components)

Homepages of Statistical Software Packages

AMOS - structural equation modeling softwareGit - distributed version control system
GitHub - Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for
open source and private projects
LaTeX - a document preparation system
LIMDEP / NLOGIT software, Inc.
LISREL - software tools for statistical and data analysis
HLM - hierarchical linear and nonlinear modeling
R - a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
R Studio - an integrated development environment (IDE) for R
RATS - regression analysis of time series
Stan - a probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference
SPSS - predictive analytics software and solutions
Stata - data analysis and statistical software
WinBUGS - software for the BUGS project

Online Statistical Software Tutorials

Stata's YouTube Channel

Topics In Quantitative Methods


Inferential Statistics at Vassar
Correlational Analysis at Newcastle


Gerard E. Dallal's Page
Statistics at Yale

Count Models

UCLA Statistical Consulting Group
Richard Williams (Stata)
Regression Models for Count Data R

Panel Data

Princeton Introduction
Vienna University of Business and Economics

Event History

Aaron Gullickson's Page
American Statistical Association - the world’s largest community of statisticians

Time Series

NIST Handbook

Spatial Modeling

Dawn Parker's Page
Robert J. Franzese, Jr. and Jude C. Hays


UNC Workshop

Multi-level Modeling

UCLA Multi-level Intro with Stata

Computation Modeling

Leigh Tesfatsion's Page

Network Analysis

Robert Hanneman's Page

Bayesian Analysis

Simon Jackman's Page
Ray Hilborn's Page

Former Methodology Students

Lyndsey Stanfill: Bio, Résumé