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When is the application deadline?
November 30th for International Students, December 2nd for Domestic Students.

My letters of recommendation might arrive after the deadline. Is this okay?
Supporting documents may be received up to two weeks after the deadline has passed. 

One of the people who is writing my letter of recommendation does not want to submit it online.  Will you accept it any other way?
Yes, have them send it to: Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Political Science, 2140 Derby Hall, 154 N Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210.

Do I need to submit a transcript for credit hours I took in high school?
Yes, if you received University credit for the class.

I only took 4 credit hours at a certain university. Do you still need my transcript?
Yes, any place that you have received credit from, we will need an official transcript.

Do I need to declare a field of study when submitting my application?
Preferably, because part of our evaluation has to do with how well your interests fit the faculty in your chosen area. You can also change your mind once you've arrived. If you're really uncertain, though, it's not required.

Do you require a writing sample?
Yes, submission of a writing sample is required.

Do you require GRE scores?
Yes, GRE scores are required.