Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

The minor in Race, Ethnicity and Gender explores the constructs of race and gender and the way they influence democratic politics, socio-economic processes, and international relations. Topics like immigration, partisanship, international identity, and social policy, among others, would benefit from a solid theoretical grounding of the concepts of race and gender. The minor aims to provide the theoretical and methodological foundations needed to understand and analyze race, ethnic and gender politics across the sub-fields.

Faculty: Tom Nelson, Amanda Robinson, and Inés Valdez

To minor in Race, Ethnicity and Gender, a student must take two required core courses, and two additional seminars, for a total of 12 credit hours.

  1. The first required course is PS 7140 (The Politics of Race and Ethnicity)
  2. The second required course is PS 7170 (Politics and Gender) currently not being taught in the department. Until it is taught, this requirement can be fulfilled by taking one of three courses offered regularly at the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies:
    1. WGSST 7720 (Theorizing Power, Institutions, and Economics),
    2. WGSS 7780 (Theorizing Global and Transnational Feminisms), or
    3. WGSS 8860 Topics in Feminist Methodology—Operationalizing Intersectionality (focus: American Politics).

Below is a list of elective courses available within and outside the department that may fit students’ particular interests. These courses are included for reference only. Students must consult with the field coordinator and their advisor for guidance in putting together a program of study.

Within the Department

POLITSC 7499 (permanent # tbc) – Toward a Radical Cosmopolitanism
POLITSC 7910 – Identity Politics
POLITSC 7700 – Political Psychology

Outside the Department

African-American and American Studies

AAAS 7753: Graduate Survey in African American and African Studies
AAAS 7754: Methodological Perspectives in African American and African Studies
AAAS 7756: Theorizing Race and Ethnicity

Comparative Studies

COMPSTD 7320 - Theorizing Race and Ethnicity


HISTORY 7080 – Studies in African American History
HISTORY 7083 – African Americans During the 20th Century
HISTORY 7086 – The Civil Rights and Black Power Movements
HISTORY 7600 – Studies in the History of Women and Gender
HISTORY 8600 – Seminar in Women’s/Gender History

Latino/a Studies Program

COMPSTD 6425 / SPANISH 6705 - Graduate Introduction to Latina/o Studies


PSYCH 6870 – Principles of Social Psychology


SOCIOL 7756 - Sociology of Immigration
SOCIOL 7780 - Racial and Ethnic Differences
SOCIOL 7884.06 - Seminar: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations
SOCIOL 7735 - Sociology of Gender
SOCIOL 7884.14 - Seminar: Gender

Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGSST 7760 - Feminist Inquiry: Methods
WGSST 7710 - Theorizing Race, Sexualities and Social Justice
WGSST 7720 – Theorizing Power, Institutions, and Economies
WGSST 7740 - Theorizing Narrative, Culture and Representation
WGSST 7780 - Theorizing Global and Transnational Feminisms
WGSST 8820 – Topics in Power Institutions and Economies (upper division version of 7720)
WGSST 8880 – Topics in Global and Transnational Feminisms (upper division version of 7780)