Prospective Students

Do you want to know what’s happening in Washington, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Jakarta, Cape Town, La Paz? Do you want to understand what’s happening? Do you care about the environment, civil rights, peace, and the use and abuse of political power? Do you want to pursue a career that develops from these interests?

If so, you’re in the right place. Guided by our world-renowned faculty, you will learn about presidential elections, the judicial system, political parties, voting behavior, public policy, and the legislative process. You can study the politics of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Our faculty are experts on international trade, war, ethnic conflict, and economic development, among many other topics. They can help you examine fundamental questions such as the causes of political stability and revolution, the springs of political behavior and participation, the causes and conduct of warfare, and the nature and aims of liberal democracy.

Are you concerned about getting a job after school? A major in political science or world politics will build skills in research and writing, data analysis, and critical thinking that are vital to any career path. If you’re interested in pursuing a legal career, political science is a classic pre-law major that will prepare you for law school. And you’ll graduate with qualifications that can lead to careers in business, journalism, finance, lobbying, education, and federal, state, or local government.

If you are considering majoring in political science or world politics at Ohio State, either as a new student or as a transfer student, please contact Charles Smith, our Coordinating Advisor, or schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling Arts and Sciences Advising and Academic Services at 614-292-6961.

Want to hear more? Read about some of our current students and hear what they think …

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What has being a political science major meant to you?

"Pursuing a Political Science degree at Ohio State is invaluable because of the quality of professors in this program. For me, being in this major literally means learning from the best -- the premier political scientists are here and that is very exciting." -- Tessa Reinhard

What is your favorite thing about political science and, more generally, about Ohio State?

"My favorite thing about the political science program, and about The Ohio State University more broadly, is the diversity of opportunities that exist for students with different interests. Students within the department not only have access to a broad course catalog and research opportunities, but the staff provide us with information about internships, jobs, and campaign opportunities. Several centers, such as the Mershon and Glenn School, host speakers and workshops for students interested in policy, and dozens of student organizations cater to students interested in every aspect of 'politics'. 

Every possible application of the political science major is well represented at Ohio State. Interested students are not at a loss for information regarding law, public policy, and graduate programs. Political campaigns and public officials at the State House are in close contact with the department staff to tell students about volunteer and job opportunities. Although only tangentially related to our classroom studies, the myriad opportunities and resources available to political science students at Ohio State contribute to our development as the Buckeye leaders of the future." -- Cameron DeHart

“I love Ohio State for two reasons. One, it constantly motivates me to excel. There are so many people on all corners of this campus that are working passionately within their field to stand out and contribute to society. OSU is also great because students can get a taste of the real world before we have to face it in full force. Because we are so close to the downtown area, many students can get internship experience, working for firms and organizations that allow them to gain industry experience. But in addition to all this, students are able to achieve academic success, build lasting relationships, and just have fun.” – Hyeji Kim