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Natalie Romeri-Lewis

Natalie Romeri-Lewis (headshot)

Natalie Romeri-Lewis

Ph.D. Candidate


Natalie researches the intersection of human rights, conflict, institutional design, and international organizations, with an emphasis on law and transitional justice and a cross-cutting focus on women and ethnic and racial minorities. Her current project examines how post-conflict and post-authoritarian countries investigate and document human rights abuses, craft remedies, create historical memory, and design narratives about women and ethnically and racially “othered” stakeholders. In addition to analyzing domestic violence laws, Natalie examines knowledge production and feminist security studies. As a PhD student at Ohio State University, Natalie specializes in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Methodology and is pursuing the departmental minor in Race and Gender Studies and the graduate interdisciplinary minor in Women’s Studies. Long-term, she aspires to combine science and participatory methods (e.g. social innovation design frameworks) to foster better public policy.

After co-founding a non-profit, Natalie worked as a lawyer, an international consultant, and the senior project associate at the WomanStats Project, where she is now an affiliate. For seven years, she designed and taught courses on international development, human rights, business ethics, and the women-peace-security movement at Brigham Young University. As part of UNICEF and Department of Defense research grants, Natalie has trained others to collect and analyze data on the status and human rights of women and girls, especially in conflict. She has a BA in International Area Studies, MSc in Applied International Development, and a JD, and certificates in court mediation and disaster relief. She has lived in Argentina, China, England, Honduras, Italy, and Venezuela. 



WomanStats Project: http://www.womanstats.org

Women in International Security: https://www.wiisglobal.org





Law: Maryland State Bar Association

Political Science: International Studies Association, (historical) Memory Studies Association, Western Political Science Association