Christian Dyogi Phillips

Assistant Professor

Christian Dyogi Phillips (PhD, UC Berkeley, 2017) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Ohio State University. Her research in American politics is focused on the ways in which policies and political institutions shape the behavior of political elites, and voters. Her particular interest and expertise is in race, gender, and immigrant status as simultaneous, and salient, factors in American politics.

Christian’s book manuscript, Nowhere to Run: Race, Gender and Immigration in American State Legislatures, examines how growing immigrant communities are reconfiguring the roles that race and gender play in American electoral politics, and descriptive representation. Using a multi-method analysis, she places the recent growth in office-holding by Asian American and Latina/o women and men within the broader context of group competition for political influence, and the changing American population. Her current research projects include an analysis of substantive representation by elected officials from immigrant communities, and the ways in which immigration policies and processes inform gender gaps among voters.


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