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Dominic Pfister

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Dominic Pfister

Ph.D. Candidate


2151 Derby Hall

Dominic Pfister is a PhD candidate in International Relations and Political Theory with research interests in international order, global health governance, international history, and practice theory. Dominic was awarded a graduate research grant by the Mershon Center for International Security Studies in 2022 to support archival research for his dissertation. His dissertation research examines how the practices that construct international order are constrained and shaped by historically constituted categories, such as security and economics, that emerged in the context of 19th century European internationalism and were disseminated through colonial networks. Using the historical case of international health governance, Dominic shows how categorizations such as security and humanitarianism, which were developed in the context of specific 19th and early 20th century European concerns about inter-European order, were generalized and institutionalized in the mid-20th century in ways that continue to constrain contemporary global health practice. Dominic holds a B.A in Political Science and English-Writing from Denison University. Prior to OSU, he worked for Epic Systems on their population health and dashboards team. In Fall 2023 he was an Assistant Instructor at Denison University and taught courses in International Relations and Comparative Politics.to OSU, he worked for Epic Systems on their population health and dashboards team.