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Richard Gunther

Richard Gunther

Richard Gunther

Professor Emeritus



2189 Derby Hall
154 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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Richard Gunther (Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley, 1977), Professor Emeritus, has research interests in Southern Europe, transitions to and consolidation of democracy, electoral behavior, political parties, and comparative political institutions and public policy. He has served as co-chair of the SSRC subcommittee on Southern Europe and as Executive Director of International Studies at Ohio State. He is currently the international coordinator of the 21-country Comparative National Elections Project. He is recipient of the Political Science Department's Distinguished Teaching Award, Ohio State University's Distinguished Scholar Award, as well as OSU's Faculty Award for Distinguished University Service. His publications include: The Politics of Spain (Cambridge University Press, 2009); Democracy, Intermediation, and Voting on Four Continents (Oxford University Press 2007); Democracy and the State in the New Southern Europe (Oxford University Press 2006); Democracy in Modern Spain (Yale University Press, 2004); Political Parties: Old Concepts and New Challenges (Oxford University Press, 2002); Political Parties and Democracy (Johns Hopkins, 2001); Parties, Politics, and Democracy in the New Southern Europe (Johns Hopkins, 2001); Democracy and the Media: A Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2000); The Politics of Democratic Consolidation (Johns Hopkins, 1995); Politics, Society, and Democracy: The Case of Spain (Westview, 1993); Elites and Democratic Consolidation in Latin American and Southern Europe (Cambridge, 1992); Spain After Franco: The Making of a Competitive Party System (California, 1986); Public Policy in a No-Party State: Spanish Planning and Budgeting in the Twilight of the Franquist Era (California, 1980). He has also published articles in the American Political Science Review, Comparative Politics, and numerous other journals and edited volumes.