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Katie Gouge

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Katie Gouge

Ph.D. Candidate


2002 Derby Hall

Katie Gouge is a Ph.D. student studying American Politics and Political Methodology. Her current research interests include public opinion and political behavior. She is specifically interested in affective polarization, perception gaps, conspiratorial thinking, misinformation, and correction effects within the American public. Katie is also interested in both survey and experimental methods.

Before coming to OSU, Katie received her BA in Political Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2020, and she received her MPA from East Tennessee State University in 2022. As an undergraduate student, Katie completed an honors thesis analyzing factors that impact the extent to which women in the US are elected to Congress, and she graduated as the sole "2020 Outstanding Political Science Undergraduate Student." While at her master’s program, Katie spent time working for a small local government and completed a capstone focused on the extent to which evangelicals comply to bureaucratic regulations. Katie is originally from Johnson City, Tennessee.