Elias Assaf

PhD Student
Graduate Student

Elias Assaf is a PhD student in Political Science with a major in International Relations and a minor in Political Psychology. His research focuses on the psychological processes that shape group and individual-level perceptions and influence foreign policy decisions. He is specifically interested in the flow of information in networks and its effect on belief formation, perception accuracy, and behavior. Elias employs experimental designs, network analyses, automated content analysis, and time series methodologies in his research, and is a member of The Network Interdependence in Social Systems (NISS) Lab at Ohio State. He is a Minority Fellow of The American Political Science Association (2014-2015), and a graduate of The University of Central Florida (B.A., M.A., 2014), where he was awarded the Pollock-Ellsworth Award for Best Master's Level Thesis in Political Science for advanced quantitative methodology. He has presented work at The Southern Political Science Association, The Florida Political Science Association, and Political Networks.

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