Student travels to Russia

August 30, 2013

Student travels to Russia


Alex Pantich, a fourth year political science major, spent the summer studying Russian language and culture through a program at Moscow International University. Alex enrolled in the program eagerly hoping to expand his knowledge of Russia.

Alex explained that “I think my political science degree helped me the most when it came to communicating with people in Russia. People there love to talk about politics and my background prepared me to be an interesting conversationalist in Russia and helped me make all of the connections that made my time there amazing. The coolest experience for me while I was there was meeting the leader of the main opposition leader in Russia, Alexei Navalny. I had a friend who worked on Navalny's campaign and had the opportunity to go to his headquarters and to a rally where I got to shake his hand. The program meant a lot to me because of how quickly I progressed and how fully I integrated.”

Throughout his time in Russia, Alex was able to get an insider’s view of Russian politics and further understand his Serbian background. After graduation, he hopes to return to Russia and continue expanding his understanding of the Russian way of life.