Fall Internship Reflections from POLISCI 4191

December 2, 2022

Fall Internship Reflections from POLISCI 4191

Group of 7 people, 4 men and 3 women, smiling at the camera in a conference room

On December 2nd, students from Internship Coordinator Troy Markham's course, PoliSci 4191,  joined together to talk about their fall internships.

Many students worked in the Ohio House or Senate. Such students included:

Isabel Bryer, who worked for Representative Casey Weinstein

Nate Grant, who worked for Representative Susan Manchester

TJ Kirila, who worked for the Ohio Senate's Democratic Caucus

Brandon Kopkas, who worked in the Ohio Senate

Cristina Maze, who worked for Representative Daniel Troy

Genevieve Re, who worked for Representative Latyna Humphrey

Ella Roxey, who worked for Senator Nickie Antonio 

Brennan Shanesy, who worked for Speaker of the House Representative Robert Cupp

Steven Sturges, who worked for Representative Tavia Galonski

Varun Thotli, who worked as a communications intern in the Ohio House

Maggie Trauber, who worked for Representative Terrence Upchurch

Isabel Bryer, Cristina Maze, Steven Sturges, and Maggie Trauber were all participants in the State Government Internship Program. The State Government Internship program provides sophomores, juniors, and seniors a semester-long internship in the Ohio General Assembly. The program allows students to gain experience working in state government while earning college credit. Additionally, students selected for this program receive the Gluck-Asher financial award,  named after Barry Gluck, a student of Herb Asher's, and Herb Asher, professor emeritus of political science. Gluck donated in honor of Asher and to given students an opportunity to start a career in public service.

Students, Grace Beedles, Max Wolfe, and Josie Stewart worked for campaigns. Beedles worked as part of the Jennifer Brunner campaign for Supreme Court Chief Justice while Wolfe and Stewart worked for Louise Valentine's campaign for Ohio House District 61.

Students Eve Beiting and Keegan Fay worked more at the federal level, with Beiting working for the Department of Justice's Consumer Branch and Fay working for Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Student Noor Zaki took interned at the local level in the Office of Economic Development for the City of Upper Arlington, a city just outside of Columbus.

Congratulations to our students for completing their internships this fall! 

If you are interested in pursuing an internship related to state government, the State Government internship program is accepting applications until December 16, 2022. Application information is found on the State Government Internship Program page.

If you have an internship and want credit, check out our internship page.

If you are interested in finding an internship, please reach out to Troy Markham, markham.4@osu.edu