Student Experiences


Every year, Ohio State political science students intern at a wide variety of sites in Columbus, around the country, and across the globe. Completing an internship allows students to gain valuable workplace skills and experience in the field while also supplementing their political science education with real world knowledge. Below are just a few of the recent internship positions held by our students. 

Abi McGowan

Abi McGowan

Internship Spotlight: United States Embassy in Dublin, Ireland -- Summer 2019
Public Affairs Intern at the United States Embassy in Dublin, Ireland

This summer I was fortunate enough to intern with the Department of State at the US Embassy in Dublin as a Public Affairs Intern.

What I did

The Public Affairs Section is an exciting and dynamic place to intern- every week is different depending on the Embassy’s events and current events affecting the Irish-American relationship. I drafted speeches and briefing documents for the Ambassador and Charge de Affairs to speak at various events they attended; and I also worked on the Section’s grants and cultural exchange programs.

Presidential Visit

The second week of my internship, I was in Limerick for President Trump’s visit to Ireland. I was tasked with staffing the Press Filing Center, where members of the press were stationed during the visit to shoot broadcasts of footage and report stories. Presidential visits are unlike anything I’ve ever seen — the amount of manpower and resources they require are remarkable, and I was grateful to see a small part of one.

Independence Day Celebration

Interns in Ireland


The primary event I contributed to was the Embassy’s annual Independence Day Celebration, held at the Ambassador’s residence in the Phoenix Park. The event is sponsored by American and Irish companies, and I corresponded with various businesses in the lead up to the event. This year’s celebration was special because it marked the newly confirmed Ambassador Edward Crawford’s arrival in Ireland. The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland welcomed Ambassador Crawford by speaking about the rich history of the Irish-American relationship during the event.

Moon Landing Anniversary & Visit of Astronaut Cady Coleman

Another exciting event during my time at the Embassy was the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing. The Public Affairs Section hosted astronaut Cady Coleman, and I served as her ‘handler’ for a portion of the visit - I met her at the airport and briefed her on the various press and public events that she was speaking at. The Embassy hosted a screening of the Apollo 11 documentary where Cady spoke afterwards and provided context to the audience saw in the film. It was interesting to see how people young and old are inspired by astronauts and space exploration.

Abi is a senior at Ohio State.

Ose Arheghan

Internship Spotlight: Cox-State Department Diplomacy Seminar -- Fall 2019

Second year Ose Arheghan was one of twenty-seven college-aged participants in the Cox State Department Seminar held October 2-5, 2019 by the State Department and the Una Chapman Cox Foundation. Their application was selected from over 600 applicants nationwide. 

Ose Arheghan

Seminar participants were hosted by retired US ambassadors and members of the foundation, and were taught about inner workings of diplomacy. They met with a variety of persons, from current foreign service officers to Rangall-Pickering Fellows, to those working on the civil side of international affairs. "They were doing exactly what I want to do in the future," Ose said of getting to speak with foreign service officers working all over the world. 

Ose would like to to work as a foreign service officer or for the State Department in some capacity, although their dream job would be U.S. Ambassador.  They said that participation in this seminar was a fantastic experience that gave them a great sense of direction and connection in terms of what they want their last two years of undergrad to look like. 

To learn more about the Cox-State Department Seminar, please visit this website. The Una Chapman Cox Foundation "works to support the effectiveness and professionalism of the United States Foreign Service". To learn more about the Foundation, visit this website. You can also learn more about internships and other opportunities on our department website here and here.

Ose is a sophomore at Ohio State.

Erica Price

Internship site: Community Refugee and Immigration Services, Autumn 2015

"As an ESOL intern at Community Refugee and Immigration Services I help teach refugees the English language and proper communication skills for the American culture. Being at an organization that provides so many different services to help resettle refugees, I also get to see the difficult barriers they face even after they arrive in the U.S. – like receiving benefits while they attend classes to gain the skills needed to find work. After graduation I want to work for an NGO aimed at helping women and children in developing states and this opportunity has taught me so much about some of the things I may end up encountering. Interning in an environment with people from all over the world with varying backgrounds and stories has been an incredible experience, and I’m constantly inspired by every single person there!" 

Rylee Welker

Internship site: Ohio Governor's Office, Autumn 2015

"As a part-time employee of the Ohio Governor’s Office I am getting firsthand experience working for an executive office. Although I hold a junior staff position, I am able to work and communicate with everyone including senior staff, giving me a great opportunity to learn from those who have been involved in communication, policy, and legislation. As a student at Ohio State I am very lucky to attend school located in our state capitol or else I would not have this opportunity. My position as a staff assistant comes with many different tasks. My different tasks include opening and sorting the mail, writing proclamations, tracking inventory of the office, answering calls, and helping with special events. By opening and sorting the mail and answering calls I am able to learn about the concerns of Ohio Constituents. Concerns can range from “hot button” issues like defunding Planned Parenthood to concerns about a citizen owning a pet deer. I have been able to learn just how the Governor’s Office works with the different state departments on these issues to come to a resolve. I am very proud to work for an administration that has accomplished so much in the state of Ohio."  

Austin Shafer-Farmer

Internship site: Manley Deas Kochalski, Autumn 2015

"This is my third year working as an intern at Manley Deas Kochalsi (MDK), a foreclosure law firm. During my time at MDK I have done a multitude of tasks. My favorite tasks have been preparing legal documents, reviewing case files and identifying issues, following up with clients on issues in files, reviewing hearing outcomes, and processing mail. Yes, processing mail is one of my favorite tasks because I am able to read actual pleadings and get a better understanding of how attorneys apply the law. I enjoy the complex work the legal field offers because there isn’t whole lot of boring work. The work we do is complex and can be intimidating for an intern, but MDK gives extensive training to all of its employees, and the attorneys are more than happy to answer anybody’s questions. Being able to get my feet wet as an intern in a law firm has reaffirmed my drive to go to law school." 

Joe Twinem

Internship site: The Macedonian national assembly, Summer 2015


Photo of OSU student at the Macedonian Assembly

“As an intern in The Assembly of Macedonia I have the chance to work side by side with government ministers, MEPs, MPs, and Ambassadors on a daily basis. During my internship I do policy research and analysis, attend national diplomatic meetings, and have attended a number of European Commission summits across the Balkans. As part of my internship, I have the opportunity to work for two weeks at a time in the offices of the Minister of Foreign Investment, Foreign Minister, and Minister of Defense. Living and working for the summer in Macedonia has been the experience of a lifetime - being able to sit side-by-side with those who are making decisions for the nation has taught me so much! Macedonia is the 2nd fastest growing nation in Europe, and it is incredible to be able to be present in the founding of this country's future.”

Kaitlyn Holzer

Internship site: The Legal Aid Society of Columbus, Summer 2015

"This summer I am interning at The Legal Aid Society of Columbus (LASC). As an undergraduate student, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be able to work in a law firm, since many firms prefer law students as their interns. My responsibilities at LASC include helping clients with their application for service, both in person and on the phone, answering client phone calls, organizing the filing at the front desk, and of course, making copies. LASC is a pro bono law firm that represents low-income individuals; because LASC is pro bono, I feel that by working here, I also have a chance to give back to the community. Through this internship I have gained a greater knowledge about Ohio’s state court system and have gotten to work with the general public for the first time. I highly recommend this internship for any undergraduate who is interested in applying for law school." 

Jackson Garrity

Internship site: Policy Matters Ohio, Summer 2015

“Overall, I think I have gained a lot of skills at Policy Matters Ohio that will help me achieve my future career goals.  I think one of the most basic skills I picked up was to simply use office programs like Excel and Microsoft office, which are programs I have not used before but I know are very prevalent in almost any field.  I also learned about the procedures of congressional committee meetings and got an inside look at how legislation is drafted and pushed through the political process so that it can ultimately be voted on.  I learned how to communicate and work effectively with other interns to set up a campaign to communicate our messages successfully.  I also learned how to communicate with partners, whether they were in legislative offices or special interest groups.  All these skills are applicable to a variety of fields, but especially American politics, which is the field I am most interested in working.  I was able to make a lot of connections and meet people who I hope will be able to help me as I continue to try to form a professional image of myself.  Altogether, I think that working at Policy Matters really gave me my first deep look at what a career in the world of American politics is like, and I hope it will be very helpful moving forward.”