Advanced Empirical Research on Politics for Undergraduates Program (AERoPUP)

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An initiative by Political Scientists to connect to all fields

We have National Science Foundation (NSF) funds to support undergraduate students in all fields who are interested in research questions related to politics. We look forward to connecting not only to our sister social sciences, but especially to technical fields such as statistics, computer science, engineering as well as the physical sciences.                                              

We are particularly interested in supporting young female and minority scholars. Those selected will be matched with a political science mentor who can work closely with the student and her/his home institution faculty advisor to guide the project.

There are two possible tracks which applicants may choose between:

The “mentor-selected” research project, in which the candidate will be contributing to the work of a scholar (and possibly her/his collaborators) that is already underway.  Topic descriptions and methods employed may be viewed on our website (under construction).  These will be increasing on a weekly basis as our initiative takes shape.


The “student-selected” research project, in which the candidate defines her/his own article-length study, briefly describing for us the substantive problem of interest and the proposed method of analysis.  The student should have a home-institution faculty advisor to provide some local guidance, though this is not a strict requirement.  We will match the individual to a mentor among our political science faculty volunteers.