Andrew Podob

PhD Student
Graduate Student

Andrew Podob is a third-year Ph.D. candidate with concentrations in American politics and political psychology. His research interests include the role of affect and emotion in politics, network studies of congressional campaigns, and fear and public opinion in U.S. foreign policy. Some of his research of late has been on election-related anxiety and its effect on election participation in the last four presidential elections. In May 2015, he graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland, College Park with his B.A. in government and politics. He maintains an active website, Twitter account, YouTube politics channel, presidential debates radio show, and is a frequent op-ed contributor to The Lantern. Outside of political science, he enjoys athletic games like tennis and racquetball, going for happy hour, walks and picnics in the park, and adventuring to new and/or cool places. And cooking—lots of cooking.

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