Reed Kurtz

PhD Student
Graduate Student

I am a PhD candidate currently working on my dissertation project, which explores the relations of governance and resistance in the world politics of the planetary ecological crisis of climate change.  My substantive research interests include (international and global) environmental politics, environmental and critical political theories, social movements, global governance, political ecology, critical human geography and geopolitics, world-ecology, and the politics of climate change and climate justice.  In Fall 2015 I obtained an MA in Political Science from this department (major field: IR; minor field: Political Theory).

Prior to joining the graduate program at Ohio State, I obtained a degree in Political Science, Spanish, and Philosophy from Butler University, and taught English as a foreign language in China and Chile.  I welcome messages from fellow students, teachers, researchers, workers, and activists interested in dialoguing about any of the above.  I am on at  CV available upon request.