Mock Trial Team Competes at National Championship

May 29, 2015
Mock Trial team photo

The Ohio State University’s undergraduate Mock Trial team recently competed in the American Mock Trial Association’s National Championships, held in Cincinnati, OH on April 17-19. The team placed 13th out of 48 teams and earned an honorable mention. This is the second consecutive year that the team has gone to the national championships, and the first time the team has competed onstage.

This has been a successful year overall for the Mock Trial team. They attended the University of Chicago’s “Great Chicago Fire” Invitational Tournament in January and won this bracket-style tournament with a total program record of 14-2. They also found success throughout the many conferences during the spring semester, including winning the Spirit of AMTA award (AMTA is the national organization that overlooks mock trial). This is a particularly special honor because each team in the competition gives their competitors a score on friendliness and sportsmanship and the team with the highest overall score wins.

The Mock Trial team, composed of nearly thirty undergraduate students and five coaches, is supported by the Department of Political Science and aims to provide students with valuable experience in the courtroom by replicating all aspects of the legal process. In addition to the valuable skills the team members gain through their experience, students have enjoyed the relationship building aspect of Mock Trial, both within the group and with students from other universities. They often cite their involvement as one of the things they enjoy most about OSU. Margo Rusconi (Political Science and History, 2016) says, "Not many can say they give up entire weekends on a monthly basis to pretend they're attorneys arguing a fake case against other students from other schools also pretending to be attorneys. Even fewer can say that those weekends of constant stress and little sleep are the some of their favorite college memories.”

Preparations for next year’s case are already underway, and tryouts for new members will be held at the beginning of the fall semester, following the annual Involvement Fair.

Congratulations to all the students and coaches of the Ohio State Mock Trial team on this impressive achievement!