The “mentor-selected” research project, in which the candidate will be contributing to the work of a scholar (and possibly her/his collaborators) that is already underway. Topic descriptions and methods employed may be viewed on our website (under construction). These will be increasing on a weekly basis as our initiative takes shape.

Detecting Political Trends in 21st Century China Using MetaData

Professor Molly Roberts Picture

Principle Investigator: Professor Molly Roberts, University of California, San Diego

We are databasing millions of Chinese newspaper articles, which we will use to better understand political trends and networks within China. The project involves scraping individual articles from the web, extracting metadata associated with these articles, and automatically entering them into a queryable database for ease of use. We will then be using scaled methods of automated text analysis to study the politics of print media in China at scale.

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Using Legislative Speech to Uncover the Dynamics of International Politics in the Past, Present and Future

Professor Michael Colaresi Picture

Co-Principle Investigators:

Professor Michael Colaresi, Michigan State University,

Professor Benjamin O. Fordham, Binghamton University,

In this set of projects we are leveraging both digitized historical records of legislative speech over centuries in the US and the UK, as well as machine-readable contemporary parliamentary documents from around the world to understand the microfoundations of international conflict and cooperation. Natural language processing and statistical analysis of patterns within legislative speech provide rich information to systematically track the heterogeneity of issues and threats in foreign policy, and uniquely identify the individual entrepreneurs and rhetorical frames that precipitated changes in policy.

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