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Women in Political Science (WIPS)

WIPS was founded at Ohio State in Fall of 2015 as a space for women-identifying graduate students and faculty in the Political Science department to share concerns regarding the status of women both within the department and within the discipline as a whole. WIPS serves many functions: it provides peer-to-peer and faculty-student mentorship through social events; offers a regular forum where members can express concerns and work toward potential solutions; and organizes member-based task forces to tackle issues raised and discussed within the group. WIPS also hosts weekly coffee hours and external speaker events throughout the academic year.

Resources for Women in Political Science
Visions in Methodology
Imposter Syndrome Scale
Gender Bias Calculator

Graduate Immersion Conference

The logic behind the Graduate Immersion Conference is simple: to make an environment more inclusive, you need to include more people. Yet it is often the case that undergraduate women, POC, LGTBQ+, and other under-represented identities in academia are not encouraged to pursue a PhD, or presented the option of a career in research when planning for life post-graduation. WIPS, with the support of the Department of Political Science, wants to help break this cycle by offering high-performing undergraduates the opportunity to step inside the graduate experience and see what earning a PhD at Ohio State entails.

The 2019 Graduate Immersion Conference, held on September 27-28, received undergraduate students from all over the country with the opportunity to showcase their original research, receive detailed feedback, and interact with graduate students and faculty members to get a better understanding of the PhD experience and our program. We were more than happy to receive attendees from different backgrounds and with different interests, as well as to learn from their working papers and experiences. 

List of participants:

The Effect of Gender Specific Aid Provisions on Civil Conflict Recurrence

  Presenter: Sally Hammer

  Discussant: Dr. Alex Thompson

Indicators of Increased Iranian Media Censorship

 Presenter: Heather Rodenberg

 Discussant: Dr. Sarah Brooks

Impact of Perceived Government Legitimacy on the Use of Taliban Court Systems

 Presenter: Jacoy Willis 

 Discussant: Dr. Amanda Robinson

Disabled and Deported: The Double-Edged Legal Classification of HIV/AIDS

 Presenter: Sam Haung

 Discussant: Dr. Ben McKean

Homeschooling Human Capital: Educating the Emotionally Priceless (But Economically Useless) Child

 Presenter: Devin Kalal

 Discussant: Dr. Vlad Kogan

Voter fraud allegations and their impact on the electoral bureaucracy in Knox Count

 Presenter: Delaney Barker

 Discussant: Dr. Jan Pierskalla

Understanding State Identity Formation Through Contradictions in U.S. International Identity and Asylum Policy

 Presenter: Jacqueline Figueroa

 Discussant: Dr. Jennifer Mitzen

Working Better Together: How Material and Symbolic Transitional Justice Impact Post-Civil War Peace

 Presenter: Ra’phael Davis

 Discussant: Dr. Bear Braumoeller

Gender Personality as a Determinant of Support for New Progressive Policies

 Presenter: Ciera Hammond

 Discussant: Dr. Tom Nelson


Faculty and Graduate Student Research, Grants and Awards Spotlight 2018-19

  • Dr. Jan Box-Steffensmeier served as the Interim Vice Provost for the Arts and Sciences and Executive Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Sarah Brooks was named the Associate Editor of the American Journal of Political Science
  • Dr. Jennifer Mitzen published “Feeling at Home in Europe: Migration, Ontological Security, and the Political Psychology of European Borders,” in the journal Political Psychology
  • Dr. Sara Watson published "Firms and Social Protection: An Event Study” (with Raj Arunachalam) in the journal Comparative Political Studies
  • Dr. Amanda Robinson published "Ethnic Diversity, Segregation and Ethnocentric Trust in Africa" in the British Journal of Political Science
  • Dr. Ines Valdez is a Humboldt Stiftung Fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg and Humboldt University of Berlin for 2019-2021 and was recently a Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow at the Princeton University Center for Human Values
  • OSU Graduate Student Alumni Wei-Ting Yen (PhD, 2018) has been honored by the National Academy of Social Insurance and the 2019 Heinz Dissertation Award Selection Committee as receiving an honorable mention for her dissertation, “Unstable Income and the Welfare States in Asia.”
  • Graduate Student Barbara Roth is the recipient of the Prestigious Fulbright-Hays DDRA Fellowship.

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