A Distinguished and Diverse Faculty

The principal attraction of the department is its distinguished faculty. More than 45 regular and seven active emeritus faculty members represent a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of politics, while sharing a strong interest in explaining empirical regularities in contemporary political life. These faculty members are active scholars, and their work appears regularly in the discipline's leading journals and various university presses. Faculty research is supported by grants from a variety of foundations--including, for example the National Science Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, the Luce Foundation, and the Volkswagen Foundation. Members of our faculty have held positions in the principal disciplinary associations and have been fellows at the nation's most prestigious social science research centers.

Faculty members are integrally involved in graduate training, both in the classroom and through daily interaction with graduate students. Faculty work with students on research projects, which often result in collaborative papers and publications. The department gives graduate students opportunities to develop teaching skills, and faculty provide close mentoring of teaching and other professional development.

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Josh Kertzer Image
"I came to Ohio State because I wanted to produce research at the intersection of International Relations and Political Psychology, two of the department’s historic strengths. OSU is home to an unusually methodologically diverse and substantively wide-ranging faculty, whose roster resembles a political science fantasy football team. The discussions I had in seminar rooms, workshops and office hours pushed my research in unexpected directions, and my collaborations with both faculty and fellow graduate students laid the foundation for a research agenda I’m continuing to explore." Josh Kertzer, PhD Graduate 2013, Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Recent Faculty Achievements

Professor Bear Braumoeller was the recipient of the 2013-14 J. David Singer Book Award and the International Studies Association's Best Book Award for 2014 for his book The Great Powers and the International System: Systemic Theory in Empirical Perspective, published by Cambridge University Press.

Professor Sarah Brooks was awarded a grant of $125,000 from Gerda Henkel to do research in South Africa.

Professor Janet Box-Steffensmeier was selected as the recipient of the 2013 Political Methodology Career Achievement Award by the Political Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association and was appointed faculty representative to the Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee of the Ohio State Board of Trustees.  Additionally she received the Warren E. Miller Award for Meritorious Service to the Social Sciences and the Distinguished Teaching Award from The Ohio State University.

Professors Gregory Calderia and Jack Wright were the 2013 recipients of the Lasting Contribution Award for their article, “Organized Interests and Agenda Setting in the U.S. Supreme Court," published in the 1988 American Political Science Review.

Professor Randall Schweller accepted the position of Editor-in-Chief of Security Studies, a top journal in the subfield of International Security, which will start in July 2014 and run for a term of three years (2014-2017).

Marina Duque Photo
"The best part about coming here for graduate school has been the support provided by both faculty and staff, who are not only friendly but also responsive to graduate students’ needs. The Department has a unique combination of renowned professors coming from different theoretical and methodological traditions, especially in the area of international relations. I have learned with them to think about political science research in terms of interesting puzzles, rather than specific theoretical or methodological orientations." Marina Duque, PhD Candidate