Picture for acosta.66

Benjamin Acosta
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Picture for amadae.1

S.M. Amadae
Assistant Professor

Picture for angel.1

William Angel
Professor Emeritus

Picture for anzivine.1

Alicia Anzivine
Program Assistant

Picture for asher.1

Herb Asher
Professor Emeritus

Picture for assaf.20

Elias Assaf
PhD Student

Picture for atkinson.197

Kelly Atkinson
PhD Student

Picture for baum.4

Lawrence Baum
Professor Emeritus

Picture for beale.50

Steven Beale
Ph.D. Student

Picture for beck.9

Paul Beck
Professor Emeritus

Picture for bond.136

Robert Bond
Assistant Professor

Picture for bowen.208

Rachel Bowen
Assistant Professor

Picture for steffensmeier.2

Jan Box-Steffensmeier
Vernal Riffe Professor of Political Science and Professor of Sociology

Picture for bradshaw.115

Aisha Bradshaw
Ph.D. Student

Picture for braumoeller.1

Bear Braumoeller
Associate Professor

Picture for brooks.317

Sarah Brooks
Associate Professor

Picture for brustein.1

William Brustein
Vice Provost for Global Strategies & International Affairs

Picture for buzas.7

Zoltan Buzas

Picture for caldeira.1

Gregory A. Caldeira
Distinguished University Professor, Dreher Chair in Political Communication and Policy Thinking, Professor of Law

Picture for camella.1

Diana Camella
Fiscal Officer and Human Resources

Picture for campbell.1721

Benjamin Campbell
PhD Student

Picture for carnahan.25

Dustin Carnahan
PhD Candidate

Picture for castillo.127

Alexandra Castillo
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for chung.372

Eun Bin Chung
PhD Candidate

Picture for cinar.3

S. Kursat Cinar
PhD Candidate

Picture for clary.69

Caitlin Clary
Ph.D. Student

Picture for cox.13

Kevin Cox

Picture for craig.373

Alison Craig
Ph.D. Student

Picture for cranmer.12

Skyler Cranmer
Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Associate Professor

Picture for cunha.6

Raphael Cunha
PhD Candidate

Picture for desilva.5

Shanila De Silva
Ph.D. Student

Picture for debell.2

Paul DeBell
PhD Candidate

Picture for defenderfer.2

Jessica Defenderfer
PhD Candidate

Picture for diaz-sierra.1

Sergio Diaz Sierra
Ph.D. Student

Picture for duque.5

Marina Duque
PhD Candidate

Picture for duska.1

Kevin Duska
PhD Candidate

Picture for eisenman.21

Megan Eisenman
PhD Candidate

Picture for elliott.466

Lauren Elliott-Dorans
PhD Candidate

Picture for eveland.6

William "Chip" Eveland
Professor of Communication, Professor of Political Science

Picture for fan.473

Derick Fan
PhD Student

Picture for federspiel.1

Howard M. Federspiel
Professor Emeritus

Picture for felts.10

Nicholas Felts
PhD Candidate

Picture for fortoureyes.1

Jose Antonio Fortou
PhD Student

Picture for gelpi.10

Christopher Gelpi
Chair of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at the Mershon Center and Professor of Political Science

Picture for gomez.151

Josue Gomez
PhD Student

Picture for goode.49

Jess Goode
PhD Candidate

Picture for gunther.1

Richard Gunther
Professor Emeritus

Picture for hagen.21

Robb Hagen
Systems Manager

Picture for hanson.257

Margaret Hanson
PhD Candidate

Picture for helgason.2

Agnar Helgason
PhD Candidate

Picture for herrmann.1

Richard Herrmann
Professor & Department Chair

Picture for isani.1

Mujtaba Isani
PhD Student

Picture for ivanova.6

Kate Ivanova
Assistant Professor
740 364-9623

Picture for jacobs.184

David Jacobs

Picture for jenkins.12

Craig Jenkins
Director of Mershon Center for International Security Studies and Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Environmental Science

Picture for keiber.4

Jason Keiber

Picture for kenzer.1

Benjamin Kenzer
PhD Student

Picture for klimpel.1

Jill Klimpel
Academic Advisor

Picture for kloss.8

Elizabeth Kloss
Internship Coordinator and Academic Advisor

Picture for knuppe.2

Austin Knuppe
PhD Student

Picture for kogan.18

Vladimir Kogan
Assistant Professor

Picture for kurtz.61

Marcus Kurtz

Picture for kurtz.305

Reed Kurtz
PhD Student

Picture for lamb.185

Emily Lamb
PhD Candidate

Picture for larson.122

Kyle Larson
PhD Student

Picture for lauretig.1

Adam Lauretig
PhD Student

Picture for liddle.2

R. William Liddle
Professor Emeritus

Picture for lloyd.253

Gabriella Lloyd
PhD Student

Picture for lynott.6

Meri Ellen Lynott
PhD Candidate

Picture for macgilvray.2

Eric MacGilvray
Associate Professor

Picture for mack.272

Brianna Mack
PhD Student

Picture for mainville.1

Sebastien Mainville
PhD Candidate

Picture for massengill.8

William Massengill
PhD Student

Picture for matos.15

Yalidy Matos
PhD Candidate

Picture for mccracken.97

William McCracken
PhD Candidate

Picture for mcgraw.36

Kathleen McGraw

Picture for mckean.41

Benjamin McKean
Assistant Professor

Picture for merola.8

Vittorio Merola
PhD Candidate

Picture for meyerrose.2

Anna Meyerrose
PhD Student

Picture for miller.5620

Jakob Miller
PhD Student

Picture for minozzi.1

William Minozzi
Associate Professor

Picture for mitzen.1

Jennifer Mitzen
Associate Professor
614 292-7400

Picture for morgan.868

Carolyn Morgan
PhD Candidate

Picture for morgan.746

Jason Morgan
PhD Candidate

Picture for mueller.135

John Mueller
Adjunct Professor
614 247-6007

Picture for mughan.1

Tony Mughan
Professor, Director of International Studies

Picture for muscott.2

Lauren Muscott
PhD Student

Picture for neblo.1

Michael Neblo
Associate Professor
614 292-7839

Picture for nelson.179

Thomas Nelson
Associate Professor

Picture for nisbet.5

Erik Nisbet
Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Picture for pancher.3

Amy Pancher
PhD Student

Picture for pena.55

Paul Peña
PhD Student

Picture for peskowitz.4

Zachary Peskowitz
Assistant Professor

Picture for pierskalla.4

Jan Pierskalla
Assistant Professor

Picture for pittner.8

David Pittner
Graduate Student

Picture for pollins.1

Brian Pollins
Associate Professor Emeritus

Picture for powers.276

Kathleen Powers
PhD Candidate

Picture for raines.71

John Raines
PhD Candidate

Picture for ratliff.121

Lauren Ratliff
PhD Candidate

Picture for rehm.16

Philipp Rehm
Assistant Professor

Picture for ripley.1

Randall B. Ripley
Professor Emeritus

Picture for robey.23

William Robey
PhD Candidate

Picture for robinson.1012

Amanda Robinson
Assistant Professor

Picture for rosenberg.1108

Andrew Rosenberg
Graduate Student

Picture for sanders.531

Courtney Sanders
Graduate Program Coordinator

Picture for saraswati.2

Mini Saraswati
PhD Student

Picture for schricker.2

Ezra Schricker
PhD Candidate

Picture for schweller.2

Randall Schweller

Picture for shabad.1

Goldie Shabad
Professor Emeritus

Picture for silverman.130

Daniel Silverman
Graduate Student

Picture for slomczynski.1

Kazimierz Slomczynski
Professor of Sociology, Courtesy Professor of Political Science

Picture for slotnick.1

Elliot Slotnick
Professor Emeritus

Picture for smith.3280

Charles Smith
Coordinating Advisor

Picture for smith.10305

Greg Smith
PhD Student

Picture for smooth.1

Wendy Smooth

Picture for swigger.1

Nathaniel Swigger
Assistant Professor
740 366-9686

Picture for thompson.1191

Alexander Thompson
Associate Professor

Picture for tosun.3

Leyla Tosun
PhD Student

Picture for tunkis.1

Peter Tunkis
PhD Candidate

Picture for turco.7

Linnea Turco
PhD Student

Picture for valdez.39

Inés Valdez Tappatá
Assistant Professor

Picture for verdier.2

Daniel Verdier
614 292-8130

Picture for walker.1724

Seth Walker
PhD Student

Picture for wallace.521

Jeremy Wallace
Assistant Professor
614 292-4291

Picture for watson.584

Sara Watson
Assistant Professor

Picture for weisberg.1

Herbert Weisberg
Professor Emeritus

Picture for wendt.23

Alexander Wendt

Picture for wood.1080

Thomas Wood
Assistant Professor

Picture for wright.569

Jack Wright

Picture for wu.639

Joshua Su-Ya Wu
PhD Candidate

Picture for yen.76

Wei-Ting Yen
Graduate Student

Picture for yoshimoto.2

Iku Yoshimoto
PhD Student

Picture for zemesarajs.1

Nik Zemesarajs
PhD Student